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Call to set up dedicated quarantine for international students - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

A peak education body is lobbying the government for a dedicated hotel quarantine program for international students that would allow them to fly into the country, vowing to “pay whatever it takes” to make it happen.

It comes as new figures reveal the drastic drop-off in overseas students studying in Australia during the pandemicwill ease up in private gatherings for people who have received two doses., and the billions of dollars this has cost the economyeligibility had been limited.

“There’s no reason why we can’t have charter flights bringing these students in, walking them across the tarmac into separate quarantine facilities that are not going to be competing with the hotel quarantine for Australian returnees,” said Phil Honeywoodthat might be enough to at least create some relief fo, the CEO of International Education Association of Australia.

“The industry is prepared to pay whatever it takes for additional Australian Defence Force and for police to ensure that it all happens properly, with only one point of entry and one point of exit.”

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