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The "future" robot industry alliance was established in Shanghai. China has accounted for one fifth of the global industrial robot consumption market and has become the world's largest robot consumer. Under the huge demand of emerging industries such as China IOT, industry 4.0 and big data, robots will develop towards miniaturization, multi-sensor, mobility, artificial intelligence and communication in the future, and the robot market will usher in the strongest growth opportunity in history. Based on the above background, the future robot industry alliance initiated by Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute was officially established with the support of many industry units

on January 28, the founding meeting of the future robot industry alliance was successfully held in Jiading, Shanghai. The robot industry attracted the enthusiasm of many units, and more than 160 industry insiders attended the meeting. At the same time, the founding meeting of the alliance received strong support from China electronics chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Jiading District Science and Technology Committee, Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shanghai Juyuan IOT incubator

the closed door meeting of the alliance in the morning was attended by more than 30 units, including KUKA, Suzhou Boshi robot and other units, who participated in the discussion of robot technology and market, and the work of the robot alliance. Sunlining, the general manager of Suzhou Boshi robot and the robot subject expert of the National 863 program, reviewed the national support for robots over the years and put forward suggestions on the development direction of robot technology in the future. All units earnestly hope that the robot alliance will not only become the best and simpler information channel platform than Brinell method, but also become an industrialization platform for technical cooperation, commerce and capitalization

at the robot Summit Forum in the afternoon, Ms. chenyunzhu, director of the science and Technology Commission of Jiading District, introduced the science and technology development plan of Jiading District, and explained the importance and support Jiading District attaches to the robot industry and intelligent hardware related industries in the 13th five year plan. Yangxiao, President of Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute, introduced the industrial innovation mechanism of ITRI, which is committed to becoming a world-class innovation center similar to ITRI in Taiwan and IMEC in Europe, and introduced the industrial innovation beyond Moore micro technology, the platform strategy of ITRI, the industry alliance strategy, etc

sunlining, general manager of Suzhou Boshi robot and robot subject expert of the National 863 program, made a thematic report on the development of robot R & D and industrialization at home and abroad. Mr. sunlining analyzed the current domestic robot R & D and industrialization status, and compared the domestic and foreign robot technology level from the macro level. There are WDS ⑴ 00 digital display liquid crystal electronic tensile testing machine (portal), WDS ⑤ 0 liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine (portal), WDS ⑴ 0/20/30 liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine (double arm portal structure) Wds-02/05 liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine (single arm type), rubber film tensile testing machine, WDS ⑴/2/3/5 liquid crystal digital display electronic tensile testing machine (can be equipped with large deformation) and other models. It is pointed out that although there is a big gap at present, the development trend of robot technology in China is good. The government's science and technology planning and the planning of leading enterprises all show that China will occupy a place in the world robot industry

Zhu, President and chief technical officer of Shanghai zhizhenluo Technology Co., Ltd. (small I robot) has frequently made the theme report that the formal experimental generation has arrived only when intelligent robots are available. President Zhu gave us a more profound definition of robot, that is, the most important component of a robot is its inherent artificial intelligence. Taking the application of small I robot as an example, it has brought artificial intelligence into many industries such as banking, transportation, information and so on. Intelligent robot has come to our side and become our life assistant and partner

tianjinsong, director of R & D Department of Zhongke Xinsong Co., Ltd., made a thematic report on the future development direction of robots. As an enterprise with the largest share of the robot market in China, Xinsong has carried more national strategies and national feelings. Minister Tian emphasized that robot technology will be more integrated with sensor technology in the future to change people's lives

Tang Jie, a market analyst from IHS, a well-known global information provider, made a thematic report on the road to future manufacturing. Tang Jie analyzed the advantages and limitations of manufacturing in various regions of the world at present, and focused on the framework of industry 4.0 and the three integration modes. This paper describes how Siemens digital factory in Germany uses industry 4.0 to improve production efficiency

Huang Qing, partner of Walden International, made a thematic report from semiconductors to intelligent hardware to robots. From the perspective of human development, president Huang put forward the great role of core technologies such as semiconductors in changing human lifestyles, and discussed the unlimited entrepreneurial and investment opportunities in intelligent hardware, IOT, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in the post Apple era

gujingning, chairman of Zhongzhi Technology Group (China) Co., Ltd., made a thematic report on building a robot service community and city. President Gu brought the experiential service of sensing + controlling robots, explained the service architecture of robots in the future, and how to make full use of IOT + Internet + cloud computing + big data for collaboration. Finally, it introduces the smart community application case of CIIC

in addition, during the founding meeting of the alliance, Suzhou Boshi robot provided wonderful robot live performance and vedio performance, and Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute showed the UAV platform equipped with various sensors and shop development board

the inaugural meeting and Summit Forum of the robot alliance received enthusiastic responses and received the support of many relevant units. The participating industrial chain enterprises involved in the core components of robots, system integration, ontology, artificial intelligence, sensing technology, cloud computing, IOT, venture capital, large-scale manufacturing enterprises, service enterprises, industry consulting, etc. in the future, the alliance will listen to the needs of different industrial links, fully integrate the information and advantages of various industrial chain links, and build a broad exchange and cooperation platform

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