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Who will dominate the future of transparent polyimide (CPI) and ultra-thin glass (UTG)

in recent years, graphene has set off a wind of "flexible change" in the world. Whether it is transparent polyimide (CPI) or ultra-thin glass (UTG), both 4.3 headforms have been improved in hinge structure and folding screen strength. So who will dominate the future of transparent polyimide (CPI) and ultra-thin glass (UTG)

one or two layers of polyimide, with performance improved by 80%

it is understood that the mate XS screen is made of polyimide flexible material (the precision of the extruder can improve the gold content CPI of the product), and its strength is 80% higher than that of a single layer. However, the screen is more expensive than gold. It is said that changing the screen once costs more than 7000 yuan

at the same time, Samsung's new folding screen Galaxy Z flip uses the latest ultra-thin glass (UTG), claiming to be more wear-resistant

at present, both UTG and CPI are potential materials for foldable cover plates, which have advantages over each other; Compared with CPI, the yield of UTG is low, and there are few manufacturers that can achieve stable mass production; CPI Japan and South Korea achieved mass production on a large scale, while only a few enterprises in UTG achieved partial mass production; UTG and CPI domestic enterprises are in the stage of industrialization R & D

II. Ultra thin glass +cpi or a way out

according to Huaxia happiness Industry Research Institute, the complementary combination of UTG and CPI is another new idea. Coincidentally, the elec, a South Korean media, reported that Samsung was developing a new screen for their next generation of foldable screens, which combined ultra thin glass with polyimide technology used in the first generation of Samsung Galaxy fold screens. This layered screen will use transparent adhesive to achieve the best of both worlds - the rigidity of ultra-thin glass and the toughness of polyimide plastic materials

transparent polyimide (CPI) and ultra-thin glass (UTG), who will dominate the ups and downs in the future remains to be seen

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