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The future trend of automation equipment - PAC + smart camera

editor's note: with the development and evolution of the industry, automated production and testing equipment continue to generate new equipment requirements, and the system equipment industry has to strike a balance between the speed of research and development and the mastery of key technologies in order to seize business opportunities

automated production and testing equipment, from the early customized automated testing equipment that took several years to complete, to today's customized equipment that takes several years has become too slow; However, it has become a trend that functional modularization can be quickly combined with design in a short time according to customer needs. Therefore, not only are customers unable to accept the lengthy design and test verification time of testing equipment, but the most important thing is that the system integration industry of automation equipment has also fully felt the timeliness and pressure of time to market

in terms of automatic production and detection equipment, motion control and mechanism electronic control design do not take the longest time for the system integration industry. Usually, the largest time is mostly spent on the part of image detection. Among them, it takes the most time and manpower to write software programming for image detection and analysis. Image detection software engineers with considerable experience and ability are not very common. At the same time, there are also risks in the flow of manpower. Therefore, in order to quickly complete the design of detection equipment, many system integrators inevitably need to choose to outsource the image detection software to other design companies, or choose more expensive image detection system Suites in Japan or Europe and the United States to meet the demand for rapid delivery of detection equipment

however, whether you choose to outsource the image detection software or buy the system suite, in addition to paying the cost, the key point is that the core and control of the entire image detection are not in the hands of the system integration industry; Once you encounter problems, you still have to go back to those companies for assistance or specification changes. What's more, you may simply change some parameters or settings, and then you will have to ask for additional prices, which makes the system integration industry very troubled

application architecture of automatic detection equipment

at present, in terms of developing automatic detection equipment, it can be roughly divided into three types of systems according to the control platform: PLC, PC based and PAC, and the three types of systems have their own supporting user groups in the field of automatic detection equipment

among the above groups, even PC based equipment manufacturers do not necessarily achieve faster development time in writing image analysis software for mechanical vision. In addition to developing the image analysis and detection functions by ourselves, currently, most of the image analysis software designs use the ready-made image function library on the market. However, although the function library has many functions, it often makes the equipment designer unable to determine whether the accuracy and speed of the function library can meet the requirements before writing the software, At the same time, it often takes a lot of time to adjust parameters and find the correct or appropriate control function. It is also common to hear that the whole program is faced with the dilemma that no one can maintain and modify when the brain drain

therefore, in addition to the choice of developing image analysis software by themselves, equipment manufacturers are also trying to find mechanical vision inspection products that can be free from the constraints of image software design companies and can quickly integrate without complicated programming process. Therefore, smart camera, which combines camera, computing platform, analysis software and i/o communication, has become another perfect solution expected by equipment manufacturers

smart camera can quickly obtain images, analyze and output results and other programs through function setting, eliminating the complicated process of program design and debugging. Whether the interface operation of the tool program for function setting is friendly and simple has become the main reason for equipment manufacturers to choose. At present, the mainstream products in the market are Cognex insight and DVT smart camera, Although the price is quite high, it can be set through training without spending specific software R & D manpower. Therefore, many equipment manufacturers began to use Stanford engineers when describing their work in science

falcon – OCR preview

Hongge technology has seen and heard the aspirations and needs of equipment manufacturers. Therefore, after years of research and design, it will launch the first smart camera product - Falcon SF-1 Series in the first quarter of 2009

falcon SF-1 series has a lightweight size design of all in one and built-in 400MHz DSP for high-speed image acquisition and image detection and analysis. At the same time, it has 100MB Ethernet transmission interface, RS-232, external trigger and four groups of digital i/o interfaces. In addition, Falcon sf-163v has standard SVGA output in design, so that users can see real-time images through the standard LCD monitor at the local end while falcon is operating, There is no need to request the return of images through the Ethernet

falcon SF-1 series provides standard C-mount design, users can match any standard C-mount optical lens, and there is no need to worry about the type and type of lens limited by the specific matching of the original factory. Hirose industrial grade connectors are also used for all interface connectors to prevent loosening

in the setting operation of the image detection function, Hongge users can install the Falcon configuration utility on a common desktop computer or notebook computer, or even Hongge WINPAC products, so that they can easily connect to Falcon through the network to set the image detection function and create, modify and other actions of working files

currently, Falcon will launch the OCR function module in the first quarter. Users can quickly and easily teach the OCR font through the Falcon configuration utility and upload it to Falcon for OCR recognition! The step by step operation interface carefully designed by Hongge makes the operation of each setting step very simple, so that users no longer need to worry about programming or wrong setting. The biggest feature of the OCR function module on falcon is the image analysis algorithm developed by Hongge, which has successfully made OCR character recognition beyond the traditional limit of English and numbers, so that OCR character recognition can be unlimited in any language

in addition, the Falcon configuration utility also provides a security management interface. The user can set a security management password to facilitate remote status confirmation, work file upload/download, and quickly perform group operations of uploading a single work file to multiple falcons

in addition, each Falcon has a unique hardware ID. with the 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) key encryption function designed by Hongge, customers can encrypt and protect the project working files in each Falcon by themselves. Even Hongge cannot crack the encrypted working files of customers, so that customers' systems can achieve perfect intelligent property protection without being copied

Hongge's latest three core automated testing scheme

at present, WINPAC, Hongge's star product, has successfully won the favor of many system designers in various systems such as industrial control, public works, building automation and automated testing equipment. In addition to the CPU operands of WINPAC itself, the design of its function expansion module allows users to add motion control or various i/o modules for powerful and stable automatic control. In particular, when the tensile testing machine for thermal insulation materials is mainly used for the tensile, contraction, zigzag and other experiments of metal, non-metal and other materials, the i-8094h four-axis motion control module designed by Hongge has built-in x86 computing core, Combined with the independent DSP image operation core of falcon, it can provide the three core automatic detection scheme with the best performance for the system designer

2008 computerex zhanhongge first demonstrated the OCR Automatic Detection Demonstration System with three core architecture, which immediately won the recognition of many system and equipment manufacturers who came to the exhibition and continued to pay attention and ask

in addition to the OCR function that will be released in the first quarter of 2009, the Falcon configuration utility will build the measurement/pattern matching/2D calibration and other algorithm functions developed by Hongge into Falcon in a modular manner. Therefore, the function will be more powerful and the application and detection range will be wider

with the development and evolution of the industry, automated production and testing equipment constantly generate new equipment requirements, and system equipment manufacturers have to strike a balance between R & D speed and mastery of key technologies in order to seize business opportunities! WINPAC + i-8094h + Falcon smart camera, a three core automatic detection scheme of Hongge, integrates high stability, flexible function expansion, mastery of the most important key technologies and a perfect mechanism for intellectual property protection. It not only provides the best integration scheme for the system equipment industry, but also believes that Hongge's strong R & D team and technical support will be a strong partner for the system equipment industry

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