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The future trend of the international tobacco packaging industry

focus on environmental protection

at present, the degree of environmental protection of cigarette products in western countries is very high. If Chinese tobacco enterprises do not adapt to this international common game rule as soon as possible, it means that they will give up this market with huge profits. At the same time, the use of environmentally friendly packaging products by tobacco enterprises is also a green pass to the world market. Therefore, the production and application of green packaging products will be the focus of the development of the tobacco industry in the next few years

combination of various printing methods

at present, enterprises providing printing products for tobacco packaging in foreign countries use the following equipment and methods: the sheet fed gravure printing machine is the most stable printing method. It maintains the parameter state printing function input before the last power failure with embossing, glazing and UV decorative ink, which are most different from other printing processes, and has become a new favorite of tobacco and alcohol packaging and printing

in recent years, the sales volume of narrow width rotary transfer brush machine has risen sharply worldwide. It is expected that its market share will probably exceed that of offset printing and gravure printing in the coming years. It can not only complete the printing of labels and paperboard packaging, including cigarette packets, at one time, but also widely favored due to its relatively environmentally friendly printing method

in cigarette package printing, attention should be paid to the development of the combination of sheet fed gravure printing machine and sheet fed offset printing machine. Its printing effect is often surprising. In addition, western countries also use white cardboard on the carton and print on the outer plastic film to produce packaging

materials match with cigarettes of different grades

it is expected that by 2007, the output of cigarettes in Asia, especially China, will rise, so China will become the main growth point of tobacco packaging paper. As the choice of paper is related to the straightness of cigarette package appearance and directly affects the establishment of cigarette brand, it has become the consensus of tobacco enterprises to pack cigarettes of different grades with different paper. In the future, it will become a trend to use a single white cardboard for the production of cigarette package Hard boxes

the use of ink is equally important for a good product. Its role is not only to make the printed product more beautiful, but also has additional functions such as anti-counterfeiting. In addition, metal inks, fluorescent inks, pearlescent inks, and other products with special uses, such as the transportation of warm cosmetics into inks, will be more applied to the production of cigarette packs

the complete combination of various anti-counterfeiting technologies

hot stamping holographic effect pattern is one of the anti-counterfeiting methods that have been quite mature and widely used in cigarette packets. At present, the complete combination of three-dimensional holographic technology and two-dimensional printing technology for the overall design of cigarette packaging and printing will be a trend in the development of cigarette packaging

the anti-counterfeiting special BOPP cigarette packaging film is suitable for mass production and effectively reduces the anti-counterfeiting cost. Therefore, foreign cigarette factories generally use a large number of anti-counterfeiting cigarette films. It uses ordinary ink to print fixed-point simple patterns and position the packaging so that the smoke film pattern covers the box cover pattern, which can achieve better resomer reg; Lr708 is a random copolymer obtained by copolymerization of L – La and DL – La (mass ratio 70:30). For example, Sanwu cigarette has not changed the appearance design of the box cover for many years, and does not increase the material cost. Instead, it uses the cigarette film for anti-counterfeiting, and even uses the full-scale cigarette label pattern printed on the cigarette film

embossed printing can improve the appearance of cigarette case lining. In effect, embossed printing can become a defense line against counterfeit cigarettes, because high-quality embossed printing is difficult to replicate

one kind of technical principle is the anti-counterfeiting method of special fluorescent compound coating invisible to the naked eye. It can be applied to inks and pigments and used in various printing procedures. After the printing is completed, the authenticity can be identified with the help of special tools. Another feature is that it can be combined with inkjet equipment to have the function of logistics management

novel, practical and personalized appearance and design

the rounded corner design of cigarette case packaging originated in the United States and has been very popular in the European market in recent years. It is convenient and comfortable to put it in your pocket or hold it in your hand. This is a good form of sales packaging. Who will be the first person to eat crabs in the domestic tobacco enterprises

some countries believe that printing warnings such as smoking is harmful to health on the outer box of cigarettes can no longer meet the needs. Instead, they require that pictures of viscera damaged or diseased by smoking be printed, which requires more printing colors to be added to the cigarette pack

innovative and personalized packaging design will have a broader market, for example, adding reverse printing, that is, printing a trademark or descriptive text about the brand of cigarettes inside the cigarette carton; The curved design is adopted at the cigarette box mouth; Package with snap fastener at the seal, etc

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