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As we all know, the current housing prices are surprisingly expensive, so many people will choose to buy small houses. Although the room is small, you should live comfortably. Therefore, it is particularly important to decorate and buy furniture. Then, how can small family customized furniture save more space? What skills are there? The following editor will introduce you to the relevant content

first, how to make the best use of the living room space

small family customized furniture can make the best use of the living room space. At this time, we can start from the sofa and buy a customized small double seat sofa, which can free up a lot of activity space, and a small sofa can also create a different living room space. In this small family living room, the less furniture, the more spacious it can give people a sense of space. With a sleek wooden tea table, this area can be spacious and comfortable. Such a small family living room can also customize a TV cabinet of suitable size. Hanging the TV on the wall also reduces the floor space, and the TV cabinet can also store some living room supplies, which is simple and practical. Customize a suitable tatami beside the window, so as to make full use of the space. A simple and comfortable living room is formed

second, how to reasonably plan the layout of the restaurant

in fact, small family custom furniture can well plan the layout of the restaurant, because the space itself is small, so as long as we create a restaurant in a corner of the living room. Integrate the decoration of the dining room and the living room, and customize a small bar as the partition between the dining room and the living room, which not only makes beautiful and perfect use of the space, but also has personality, so that the whole space looks larger. The dining table should also be foldable, so that it can be put away when not in use. Although the area is small, reasonable planning can free up more space and make the whole home more warm

III. how to make the bedroom “ Chicken ribs ” Small family customized furniture can be used. Such a small bedroom should choose customized wardrobe, because it is difficult to find the right size for the finished wardrobe. At this time, we can customize the wall style wardrobe in the bedroom, which is quite practical. It not only keeps the whole room clean, but also adds a few square meters to the house. This kind of wardrobe can not only save space, but also be beautiful and practical, and there are many styles to choose from. Moreover, the customized wardrobe not only makes reasonable use of space, but also has the design of clothes hooks and colors, which are very humanized

article summary: Although the house type is small, it also needs to have all the internal organs. The home still needs to have the appearance of home and the warmth of home. If you want to make the small space bigger visually, you can make the space “ Capacity expansion ”. The above small house decoration design skills can be used for reference




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