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Children's wardrobes cannot be selected according to the standards of adults. In the eyes of children, there are no popular elements and fashionable styles, but only interesting collocations of colors and shapes. Today, Xiaobian will share with parents the precautions for children's wardrobe selection

children's wardrobe 1. Children's health comes first

the same reason is that children's childishness may not have any impact on adults. Environmentally friendly fabrics will bring allergies to children, and those colorful fabrics or bright patterns on fabrics often hide the dangers brought by environmentally friendly dyes. Some international authorities have tested those bright and environmentally friendly fabrics, and benzene and formaldehyde have seriously exceeded the standard. As the ingredient of children's room, the textile fabrics here should pursue environmental protection

children's wardrobe 2. Natural wood is the best choice

furniture made of medium density board and particleboard is very common, but if these materials appear in the children's room, those volatile harmful gases will bring harm to children. Therefore, the furniture in the children's room should refuse these non environmentally friendly boards and let them grow up naturally with the fragrance of natural materials. Pine is a kind of natural wood that is very environmentally friendly, and it is also the main material of superior baby houses and children's houses

children's wardrobe 3. Refuse contaminated adhesives

adhesives are harmful to all people because they contain formaldehyde, which is a harmful substance that causes cancer. In the children's room, harmful gases will float in low positions, which is an important reason why short children are more vulnerable to harmful gases than tall adults. Choose environmental friendly natural wood as the main material, and use hardware to reinforce the bed, so that the children's room can minimize the content of glue

children's wardrobe 4. Try to use less bright exterior paint

speaking of children's room, nine out of ten parents will choose children's furniture with bright colors, but they don't know that this is as terrible as letting children live in a chemical factory. The brighter the paint that puts on a bright coat to the furniture, the higher the content of harmful substances such as lead. Children with such furniture for a long time will increase the risk of treatment

children's wardrobe 5. Safety protection pays attention to details

the design of children's room should not only fully consider children's nature and be happy, but also be truly green. While creating happiness, safety must also be considered. Good children's furniture will round all corners and edges to avoid sharp corners stabbing children. The gap of children's furniture, such as the distance between guardrails, is 6— 7.5cm can prevent children from being accidentally stuck

children's wardrobe 6. Diligence and thrift are Chinese virtues

children grow up quickly. If they are equipped with suitable furniture according to their size, it means that they will be replaced every other period of time, which will cost parents much money

the best way is to use children's furniture that can grow up with your baby, which is not impossible. Now some furniture can be configured in a more flexible way. There is no problem in raising the bed, increasing the bed legs, bed ladders and guardrails, and adding accessories to stretch the size of the bed. As long as you buy different accessories in different periods to meet the needs of children in different periods, a complex thing becomes simple, a extravagant investment becomes economical

the above is about the selection of children's wardrobes. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about children's wardrobe, please pay attention to the decoration information channel




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