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Tangshan is a city under the jurisdiction of Hebei Province. It is located at the throat of the North China and northeast passage. It is the central city of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan industrial base and the deputy central city in the northeast of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Urban Agglomeration. It is also the cradle of China's modern industry, with a solid industrial foundation and a brilliant industrial civilization

recently, Mr. Lei and his delegation from Tangshan City, Hebei Province came to our company to visit and negotiate. After comprehensively considering our brand awareness, excellent performance of our products, support for dealers, etc; Combined with the actual situation in Tangshan, it is considered that our products are energy-saving and environmental friendly at the same time; Special attention is paid to the safety and durability of door and window products. It is considered from the perspective of home safety and practical beauty of the majority of owners. It is an innovative product that benefits the people, and there is a broad market development space. So he decisively signed a contract to join, became a member of the huge family of red oak doors and windows, and immediately prepared for the opening of Tangshan franchise store

this is an addition to the dealer network of red oak doors and windows covering the whole country after Yunnan Honghe franchise store joined the general manager on March 10. At the beginning of the new year, red oak door and window stores have sprung up all over the country, with vigor and vitality

what is the reason why so many dealers have joined the flourishing family of red oak doors and windows? This is not only the concentrated embodiment of the comprehensive strength and brand advantages of red oak doors and windows in many aspects, but also the internal heritage and brand concept of red oak doors and windows have already gone deep into the hearts of the people

next, let's talk about the super safe seismic performance, one of the internal details of red oak doors and windows

the high-quality red oak wood imported from the United States is used for red oak doors and windows, which is an ideal material for manufacturing valuable furniture, buildings and boards. Its excellent shockproof performance and stability make it widely used in shockproof buildings, valuable furniture and other fields by Americans

for example, the great earthquake in Los Angeles, USA. Los Angeles is the second largest urban belt in the United States, with highly developed economy and extremely high population density. The Los Angeles earthquake is one of the largest earthquakes in the history of the United States, with a death toll of 58. The high safety factor is mainly attributed to the strong sense of safety and Earthquake Prevention established by the people of Los Angeles: when building houses, most of them use wooden structures and are rooted in solid rock strata, so the seismic performance of houses is very superior. At the same time, the number of casualties is greatly reduced because the collapse of houses is avoided

then why is the wooden structure far superior to the reinforced concrete structure in terms of safety and earthquake resistance? Because this is not only the historical precipitation, but also the summary of science and practice

let me explain to you the super earthquake resistant principle of wood structure.

wood has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and good flexibility, while the self weight of wood structure is much lighter than that of concrete structure, and the seismic force absorbed by the body in the earthquake is very small. In addition, the natural flexibility and toughness of wood can effectively absorb and consume external forces, and the wood structure is connected by nails. It is a multiple static indeterminate structure with high structural safety redundancy, It has obvious seismic performance. Therefore, when the main structure displaces on the foundation, it can be reset by its own elasticity, so as to avoid collapse

red oak door and window system products made of imported high-quality red oak wood as raw materials, together with imported top hardware accessories and high-quality environmental protection and energy-saving new profiles; It integrates the super strength and stability of top hardware accessories; The new aluminum alloy profile is environment-friendly, energy-saving and has good heat insulation, water tightness and air tightness; Superior sound insulation, shock resistance and safety of high-quality imported red oak wood. It is an ideal choice for users to build their homes

this is not only the feature of red oak door and window products, but also one of the highlights that attract Mr. Lei to join red oak door and window decisively. The opening of red oak doors and windows Tangshan franchise store means that the family team is growing, and it also means that the people of Tangshan can more easily buy more safe, environmentally friendly, high-end, beautiful and practical red oak doors and windows products

world quality enters thousands of homes, enjoys high-end quality and enlightens the brilliant future! Make the most professional aluminum door and window system in China ----- red oak doors and windows for you! Red oak door and window system, the preferred brand for doors and windows, is now closely preparing for the trend of joining in 2016, facing the grand investment attraction across the country, and is eagerly looking forward to your arrival. National toll free hotline: 400-188-6608, Tel: 0757-86680766





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