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For a long time, doors and windows have been called the eyes of house buildings, which are indispensable for all kinds of buildings. In recent years, with the promotion of real estate shopping malls and urbanization, door and window shopping malls have ushered in rapid development. But along with this, questions such as the severe homogenization of commodities, the lack of innovative planning, and the frequent occurrence of price wars are also emerging one after another. The vicious competition of door and window shopping malls is severe, which restricts the healthy and sustainable development of shopping malls. In the critical period of transformation and upgrading of shopping malls, how will door and window shopping malls be carried out in the future? The following small series of Guanhao doors and windows sorted out the current situation of the development of door and window shopping malls, and analyzed the rules of door and window shopping malls in depth

1. Rich material selection, increased varieties of doors and windows, and gradually formed industrial clusters

through the implementation of reform and opening up in recent decades, door and window companies have been developed by leaps and bounds. From the backward ideas of the traditional era of small-scale peasant economy, they are gradually in line with the world in many aspects, such as commodity concept, commodity style, manufacturing skills, after-sales maintenance, etc. the presentation of various emerging raw materials adds the richness of door and window material selection, To a certain extent, it promotes the diversity of door and window commodities. Because of the effect of many factors, such as the change of spending concept, the popularity of low-carbon environmental protection, personalized needs, and so on, doors and windows are more internal. Fashionable, simple, European, classical, modern, energy-saving, environmental protection and other personalized doors and windows are gradually presented, constantly satisfying the diversified needs of a wide range of consumers

on the other hand, due to the introduction of leading skills, the innovation of decoration skills, the optimization of overall structural planning, and the improvement of management concepts, the number of door and window companies and commodity varieties have been rapidly increased. Many kinds of commodities such as solid doors and windows, door and window composite doors, aluminum composite doors and so on appear everywhere. Many door and window production companies gather and scatter in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim region, northeast, southwest The six production bases in Northwest China have changed from small-scale workshop production in the past to large-scale finished products, integration and branding today, and began to form China's door and window industrialization cluster

2. There are differences in the needs of doors and windows in various regions. Doors and windows need to have large seasonal fluctuations.

most of the vast southern regions and many large cities use aluminum doors and windows; Plastic doors and windows are mainly used in cold areas in the north, such as northeast, northwest and North China. The profiles and varieties of doors and windows are different, and the occasions of use are also different. Heat insulation bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows that play a certain energy-saving and heat preservation effect are often used in the construction of medium and low-grade buildings, while solid wood composite doors and windows and aluminum wood composite doors and windows are usually used in the construction of medium and high-grade buildings

the demand for finding door and window goods fluctuates greatly with the season, during which March, June and September are the three peaks of the year. The demand of shopping malls is large, and the company owners can prepare the inventory in advance and do a good job in the implementation. January February and November December are the cold seasons for door and window goods. On the basis of maintaining a certain shopping mall distribution rate, we should pay attention to the construction of shopping malls to stabilize and strengthen brand memories, maintain contact with customers, and train sales personnel to lay a good foundation for the peak season

with the continuous development of door and window shopping malls, door and window shopping malls will be further sophisticated, high-end brand addition of doors and windows, personalized customization and after-sales service mechanism will be further improved, e-commerce channels will be further developed, etc. No matter which direction to develop, skill innovation and commodity innovation are still the central competitiveness. Guangbo company mainly wants to win the first opportunity of the mall in the special period of reshuffle of door and window malls. It is necessary to firmly grasp this point, ensure the quality of goods together, use leading skills and planning concepts, and meet the diversified needs of a wide range of consumers. Only in this way can we remain invincible

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