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A sensation in the Chinese food circle, about the wechat diss of "western style freshness and Chinese flavor", a positive PK between the cutting-edge blue ribbon Chef "xiaobaojun" and the Chinese chef Wang Haidong, finally brought a beautiful temperature and humidity precision control refrigerator

a sensation in half of the Chinese food circle, about the wechat diss of "western style freshness and Chinese flavor", a positive PK between the cutting-edge blue ribbon Chef "xiaobaojun" and the chef Wang Haidong, the first person in China's bogus, finally brought a beautiful temperature and humidity precision control refrigerator. This may be one of the most creative and valuable marketing cases in the field of high-end household appliances this year

marketing experts may see the high-end brand, textbook soft implantation, three-dimensional integrated communication, and the strong support of products and technology from home appliance peers. However, all changes are inseparable from its religion. In terms of its kernel, it is nothing more than the word "user". The deep insight into user needs may be the logic of Midea refrigerator to realize the "advanced" brand this time

innovative cross-border marketing breaks the awkward implant chain

this time, Midea refrigerator's rush to the camera seems unexpected, but it is actually "intentional", which is mainly due to Midea refrigerator's keen grasp of the minds of young users and current affairs hot spots

as early as half a month ago, xiaobaojun, the French Blue Ribbon chef who won the title of "Top Chef" on Oriental satellite TV and had millions of fans on Weibo, and ranked first in's Gourmet talent, boldly tried to integrate the concept of western style freshness into the medieval traditional square cuisine instead of delicious cooking skills. Midea refrigerator, as a loyal supporter of delicious cuisine, decided to give xiaobaojun a platform to show his strength - cooperating with xiaobaojun in the "fresh fighting Sifang" column, and released the improvement of Sifang cuisine. For a time, the novelty of cooking noodles with spaghetti and using half soup and half roast instead of stewing attracted the admiration of all parties

however, xiaobaojun's move also triggered heated discussion in the traditional Chinese cuisine chef community. Master Wang Haidong, the first Chinese chef to win the "Olympic" bogus in the global kitchen industry, even sent a special message to his circle of friends, saying that there were loopholes in the improvement of these four dishes, which did not conform to the fine tradition of "delicious" Chinese cuisine. Famous chefs of Chinese cuisine from all over the country also responded one after another. Including Huaiyang chef Xia, Sichuan chef Huang Shijun and Guangdong chef Li quanchao, all spoke in support of Wang Haidong. In the eyes of these famous chefs, the traditional Chinese method is better than the western method

in order to "educate" xiaobaojun, Master Wang Haidong even said to accept the engagement: "I don't mind Wang Haidong letting this young man really see the charm and delicious essence of Chinese cuisine." As soon as this remark came out, Xia Xia, Huang Shijun and Li quanchao applauded one after another, supporting Wang Haidong to fight directly with Xiao Baojun in the challenge arena. Seeing that the debate between the two sides heated up rapidly, Midea refrigerator immediately cooperated with the "daily cooking" food platform, which is also a cuisine expert, to set up a challenge arena for xiaobaojun and chef Wang to compete for Chinese and western delicacies, so that both sides can compete for their respective Chinese and Western cooking concepts

throughout the household appliance marketing circle, big logo features and fancy oral broadcasts, brainwashing stiff and embarrassing implants, are still rampant and have few breakthroughs. Midea refrigerator, in this activity of "fresh fighting in all directions", has straddled the "catering industry" regardless of one pattern, carried out cross-border marketing, and made clever tricks such as the invisible circle of powder Amway, breaking the traditional cognition of the industry at one stroke, and stepping out of the curse circle of "planting" in the household appliance marketing industry, which can be regarded as a highlight of Midea refrigerator marketing innovation

the high-end style is recognized by the authority and enters the brand bonus period

for chefs, the freshness of ingredients is the primary factor in the success or failure of cooking. Therefore, it is conceivable that top chefs are particularly "demanding" on the freshness of ingredients. Xiaobaojun has always believed that the soul of cooking lies in ingredients. Only by respecting the freshness of ingredients can we discover the most delicious side of ingredients. Chef Wang Haidong also believes that the most important thing for a perfect dish is fresh ingredients

what is "like-minded" with top chefs is that Midea refrigerator also attaches great importance to the freshness of ingredients, and continues to reach the extreme in terms of fresh ingredients. At the PK scene on November 22, the two chefs regretted that they could not have the opportunity to buy ingredients in person. However, after experiencing Meidi refrigerator, which provides fresh ingredients, the black technology functions such as temperature and humidity control of Meidi refrigerator were appreciated by the two chefs, and then won the collective "call" of the five chefs

Oscar winner Wang Haidong in the kitchen industry said that cooking is an art, with fresh ingredients and fresh recruitment. Obviously, chef Wang Haidong recognized the fresh-keeping effect of Midea refrigerator on the ingredients used in Chinese cuisine; International diamond chefs and Huaiyang cuisine masters believe that Midea refrigerator has 18 independent spaces in summer, with 3 levels and 15 levels of temperature fine control, providing exclusive fresh-keeping temperature for different ingredients, and storing and keeping fresh separately to keep ingredients fresh all the time. Huang Shijun, the international leader's Royal chef and Sichuan cuisine master, said that the "double humidity control drawers" of Midea refrigerator can solve this problem - 3D probe can identify the ingredients put into the refrigerator and give them exclusive fresh-keeping humidity to perfectly lock the freshness of ingredients

Li quanchao, the international referee of catering services and the master of Cantonese cuisine, recommended Midea refrigerator. Its 360 degree real-time sterilization system can sterilize all the time, eliminate cross flavors, and restore the original freshness of ingredients. Chef Yang Guangmei, the head chef of the U.S. consulate, recognized that Midea's refrigerator was good enough for Chinese and Western food. Its multi-dimensional intelligent frequency conversion system can precisely control the temperature and humidity of fresh-keeping, and the fluctuation is less than 1 degree, so that the food materials can be kept fresh for a long time

Midea's temperature and humidity precision control refrigerator has received the platform of top chefs who pay special attention to fresh ingredients, Amway, which is the best proof of its freshness, and it is also an effective measure in line with the tone of Midea's high-end refrigerator brand

nowadays, the strong recommendation of top chefs has won the close attention and extensive coverage of the mainstream media, and the influence of this activity has expanded and doubled geometrically. It is not difficult to imagine that the "halo" of the master platform and the illumination of a large number of media spotlights will undoubtedly have an incomparable guiding effect on the consumption choices of ordinary food users. At the same time, in the whole household appliance industry, Midea refrigerator will become more prominent in products, marketing and other aspects. Through the gradual progress of marketing activities, Midea refrigerator has become a "fulcrum" with high-end, leveraging the continuous upward tone of the brand

accurately capture the fit point and go deep into the mind of the "food" circle

although cross-border cooperation can use 'stones from other mountains' to popularize brand awareness, it also needs to have a premise: brand cross-border marketing is highly consistent with the consumer groups it faces. Only by carrying out cluster marketing around interested groups and launching targeted groups, can brand marketing activities be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and then produce more effective market actions. Midea refrigerator obviously knows this

choosing to cooperate with food programs and set up a platform for top chefs is the perfect landing of Midea refrigerator for clustered precision marketing. As a popular short video platform for gourmet food, "cooking every day" covers 74 countries and regions around the world, and has more than 55million active fans in Chinese Mainland alone. It has also been on the recommendation page of Apple store. Through the 6-minute series of videos of "incredible cuisine", cooking every day has brought a large number of young users and exquisite food to Midea refrigerator, and its popularity cannot be underestimated. It is reported that the first episode of "incredible cuisine" has been broadcast, with a total exposure of 40million for a single video and 13million for a single video

working together to "cook every day" is not only an effective measure in line with the high-end tone of Midea's temperature and humidity precision control refrigerator, but also realizes the zero distance interaction between Midea's refrigerator and "high-end food". The "intersection" of the two dimensions exactly conforms to the values of young users today that "only food and love can't be lived up to" and their attitude towards exquisite consumption

in today's surging tide of consumption upgrading, brand upgrading still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to home appliance marketing, the public generally feel aesthetic fatigue. In this context, Midea refrigerator has not only refreshed the interaction mode of user circles, but also been "called" by top chefs through cross-border cuisine circles and food short video platforms, which provides a feasible model for the marketing innovation of the household appliance industry, but also provides a strong brand boost for its high-end transformation




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