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Italian home case | silik performs the extremely luxurious Baroque home art

[Italian home] on June 14, 2018, the distribution and installation of products of Dalian Xinghaiwan No. 1 project were completed. The furniture delivered this time mainly include: silik sofa, tea table, bed, bedside table; AMC desk and chair; AR arredamenti sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, dining table and dining chair; Turri bed; Cornelio Cappellini bed; Bellotti Ezio porch cabinet, etc

this case draws on the essence of European classical home art, and its majestic momentum is extremely strong. The exquisitely carved noble details complement the noble temperament, and the exquisite composition creates a palace level spatial pattern. Silik was founded in 1961. The classical and gorgeous furniture deduces the baroque style to the extreme

silik has always adhered to the classical and gorgeous home style. For example, the elegant colors of this sofa are matched with smooth lines, and the innovative craftsmen have integrated the modernist design into the classical style, presenting a beautiful, elegant and beautiful visual beauty

the design inspiration of silik furniture comes from the treasures of the Louvre. The complex and exaggerated carvings and exquisite and thick raw materials show the royal status. This edge is made of beech wood, which is wear-resistant and of excellent quality

as an international first-line furniture brand, silik represents unparalleled excellent quality, unique baroque style, innovative elements of continuous breakthroughs and distinguished noble temperament. This bed creates a magnificent sense of luxury with metallic colors and lines, which is grand and luxurious without losing the sense of fashion

the color is simple and soft, the outline is magnificent and gorgeous, luxurious and atmospheric, showing a noble and elegant temperament, creating a quiet, elegant and luxurious space atmosphere

"home of Italy" has established cooperation with more than 4000 home building materials brands in Europe, and has successfully built a service platform for imported home building materials from China. In the field of home furnishing and lifestyle, it seems to have been the messenger of Italian design, art and culture. If you are interested in the above furniture brands, you can contact the customer service or sales staff of Italian house to learn about the specific details of the brand products! Hotline: 400-065-0601




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