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The same store, different space designs, different display effects, leave a wide range of impressions for customers. The same products, different marketing, and different passenger flow transformation have different profits, It is the result of a comprehensive factor that Yingkang family's overall home furnishing helps you throughout the whole journey

Midsummer in July

there is no cloud in the tile blue sky

the hot sun is baking the earth

· · · · · · · · ·

as usual in midsummer season

the building materials market is generally empty

many stores are sparrows

however, Not all of them are like this.

this article will introduce a new marketing mode + store design

from the feedback of dealers,

just like the sun in midsummer

in full swing

Yingkang Shijia wooden door integrated home, wooden door + integrated home, new marketing mode + store creative design, making "it" different. Unlike ordinary wooden door franchised stores, it is "complete" and unique; Different from the interior design of general building materials stores, it has the feeling of "home" and is very warm at the same time; It is designed quickly, and customers can see the ideal home in 10s

three factors of its "fire"


prospect trend

today, unlike previous years, it is difficult to do business in all walks of life. Many enterprises are struggling to survive in the "difficulties" and have moved to the overall home furnishing industry, which is also confirmed by the dynamics of the just concluded Guangzhou Construction Expo

with the acceleration of people's pace of life and the improvement of quality demand, quality and efficiency are also gradually improved. Secondly, the impact of the two-child policy, new house decoration, old house renovation, rental housing market and other market environment is also waving to the overall household. In the Internet + era, cross-border robbery is a common occurrence. For example, Amazon, one of the world's largest online e-commerce companies, officially opened up the overall home furnishing sector in 2017, with sales in Europe reaching US $313.139 billion in 2018. All these are confirming the fertile soil of overall home decoration


intimate design

Yingkang Shijia's overall home design team went to the store to measure the room design, so as to make the use of the store space more reasonable, the product display more comprehensive, customers enter the store to choose one-stop, and multiple orders are contracted by one store


training support

can't you design a whole home? Product construction will not be installed? I don't know how to carry out marketing? Yingkang family's overall home furnishing team helps you open a store smoothly and make profits easily

overall home furnishing of Shandong dealers

design case of franchised store

overall home furnishing of Shandong dealers

plan of franchised store

in this case, the overall home furnishing franchised store design is dominated by warm colors, and the black lines are integrated with bamboo and wood dado, which is simple and clear; Geometric furniture with metal texture background will show simplicity incisively and vividly. Colorful hanging pictures and warm lights show off their brilliance to each other, making the whole space full of comfort

the use of the overall space can perfectly display the bamboo and wood wall panels of different products, colors and materials, improve the customer entry rate, and not only customize the overall home decoration, but also order the bamboo and wood doors. Once in the store, one contract

in the entrance door, a section of the road belongs to the porch. Where the door is entered, the designer mainly uses French gingko wall panels with other personality elements. The transition from striped light brown to dark brown makes the whole background wall instantly full of literary and artistic sense; It is decorated with black frame edges to give people a sense of three-dimensional norms. On the left background of the door, a unique decoration attracts people's attention and adds a touch of luster to the whole; An irregular table corresponding to the background is placed next to it, which adds a sense of hierarchy to the whole and is more intriguing

the whole is dominated by white and gold, and the background is made of the kumquat wood series of Yingkang family as the material, combined with the spray painting hanging picture, which looks neat, but the hanging picture highlights the feeling of infinite possibilities; Provide unlimited space imagination for the small bedroom, and adopt a symmetrical pattern on both sides, which also allows the lights to emit warm light in a balanced way

the designer takes Yingkang family cappuccino and Xingyun magic silk as the collocation, which is concave and convex; Both the wardrobe and the locker are close to the wall, and the height reaches the ceiling. This can not only increase the storage space, but also give people the feeling that it looks comfortable and tidy, and it is clean and convenient. Unlike before, it can be covered with dust every day. It is not only beautiful and generous, but also economical to use

different space design display

bedroom experience area, material display area, background wall experience area ・ ・ ・ ・ there are many styles and varieties. Customers can match them at will and customize them according to their own needs, so as to meet customers' needs in one stop

customer cases -01

customer cases -02

customer cases -03

have you been attracted by the cases designed by Yingkang designers

first, want to do an overall home, but no store? It doesn't matter. It can be done in the same way. There are many ways to provide, such as the display of model rooms in the community, the display of customer home decoration cases, and so on, to meet your needs for an overall home. Yingkang Shijia's overall home is suitable for residential, school, hotel, hospital, KTV and other places, with large market demand and good prospects

second, do you want to make a whole home, but you can't design it and don't want to hire employees? Yingkang family will provide you with intelligent cloud design software. You don't need to hire a designer. You can also open a shop and place an order. At the same time, Yingkang designer team will guide and help you throughout the process, saving time and worry

third, what if you don't know about marketing? Yingkang Shijia team will design an appropriate marketing training program for you according to market trends; Secondly, combined with the Internet, we will provide you with official media publicity and other measures to guide and introduce you and provide you with appropriate marketing solutions

if you want to know about the whole home

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the same store, different space designs, different display effects, and the impression left by customers are very different

the same products, different marketing, and different passenger flow transformation are different

profits are the result of a comprehensive factor

Yingkang Shijia whole home

helps you throughout the process, Win win together

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