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Warmly congratulate Changling franchisees on joining Xibo cabinet and becoming a member of Xibo family. Xibo cabinet, as one of the top ten brands of Chinese cabinet, based on high quality, creates a new model of Chinese living kitchen, provides high-quality products for end consumers and franchisees with international vision, leading design and perfect after-sales service system, and the blank areas of the country are hot for investment

Changling is located in the west of Jilin Province, in the southwest of Songyuan City, bordering Nong'an County in the East, Gongzhuling City and Shuangliao City in the south, Horqin Left Wing Middle Banner in Inner Mongolia in the west, and Tongyu, Qian'an and qiangoros Mongolian Autonomous Counties in the north. The county governs 12 towns and 10 townships: Changling Town, taipingchuan Town, Jubaoshan Town, Taipingshan Town, qianno.7 Town, Xin'an Town, Sanqingshan Town, Daxing Town, Beizheng Town, Liushui Town, Yongjiu Town, lifasheng Town, collective township, Guangming Township, sanxianbao Township, Haiqing Township, Qianjin Township, Dongling Township, yaotuozi Township, No.88 Township, santuan Township, and No.30 township. Changling Town: the seat of Changling County Party committee and county government. Covering an area of 535 square kilometers, it has 13 administrative villages, 10 communities and 32 neighborhood committees, with a total population of 116900

Xibo cabinet successfully settled in Changling, Jilin Province, will surely inject new blood into the local people's home life, open a new home appearance, and lead the cabinet industry

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