Love Amazon, return to nature, close to life

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Ebari's whole house customized love Amazon series makes people feel back to nature and close to life

inspiration: Amazon forest is a tropical miracle and the most primitive, largest and best preserved tropical rainforest in the world today. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the civilization of human industry and commerce, the Amazon tropical jungle has become an island oasis that returns to nature. It covers an area of 2million square miles in South America and is known as the "lung of the earth" and the "green heart"

style features: thick green and light green meet here, and wood grain and vine meet here, making people feel like they are in a forest oxygen bar. The ladder structure of bar, TV cabinet and coffee table is natural and beautiful, and makes full use of space. The lockers look simple, but in fact they are hidden, full of mystery and powerful storage function. With a space of more than ten square meters, it has become a multi-functional oxygen bar

design elements:

design guidelines:

1. The fragrance of Brazilian grapefruit logs in the cabinet seems to return to the tropical rainforest

2. The overall harmony and unity of the blister shape of Brazilian grapefruit in the panel

3. The handle is suitable for European style

style characteristics:

? 1. Style features: full of natural flavor. Suitable for people who love nature

2. Material: Brazilian grapefruit

3. Material advantages: multi-layer solid wood plate, environmental protection, moisture resistance, wear resistance, acid and salt resistance




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