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Knowledge of heavy hammer lock electric ash discharge valve

a material sealed single machine dust collector that can both discharge and lock air includes an upper valve body with a feed port, a lower valve body with a discharge port and a driving device, which brings new development opportunities. The upper part of the upper valve body can be connected with the dust collector, the upper and lower valve bodies are fixedly connected through connectors, the upper and lower valve bodies are equipped with reamer devices, and the lower end of the reamer device is matched with the output shaft of the driving device, The discharge port of the lower valve body is provided with an ash baffle, and the ash baffle is covered with an ash discharge cover

heavy hammer lock electric ash discharge valve is generally applicable to building materials, metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power and other industries. As the air locking and ash unloading devices of various dust removal equipment, as well as the air locking and ash unloading devices of various mills, dryers, silos, silo and closed conveying systems

the circular air lock flap electric ash unloading valve is a self unloading mechanism with alternating opening and closing of materials under the action of gravity and automatic reset of heavy hammer. It has the characteristics of stable rotation, energy saving, adjustable maximum and small ash unloading, and reliable ash unloading air lock. It is an ideal equipment for various feeding and unloading conditions

the conical vegetable double-layer electric ash unloading valve uses a reduction motor to drive the upper and lower spindles and conical valve core components to rotate through the cam or crank connecting rod. When the upper valve is opened, the lower valve is closed; When the upper valve is closed, the lower valve is opened; Realize the purpose of valve ash unloading control and year locking. The single dust collector valve adopts a wear-resistant conical valve core structure, which significantly extends the service life of the valve; The sealing performance of the valve is improved and the dust removal effect is improved; At the same time, Bayer Material Technology shares the development trend of polyurethane pipe insulation technology in the future, and the electrical control of the structure is more simplified. The directional rotation of the motor reducer avoids the failure caused by the reverse collision of the equipment, making the equipment safer; It is the first choice for enterprises to achieve dust-free production. According to the amount of ash discharged, the automatic control of material flow is realized by frequency conversion and speed regulation of the motor

conical double-layer electric ash discharge valve is a new generation product with strong applicability under static load. It is widely used in ventilation and dust removal in metallurgy, mining, power building materials, chemical industry, single machine dust collector and other industries. German reprap explained that it is an ideal flow regulation and industrial control device

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