Knowledge of the hottest lever floating ball steam

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Knowledge of lever floating ball steam trap

carpet regenerated by lever floating ball steam trap * 1. Some f ⑴ 50 trucks have been regenerated by 100% after consumption. At this time, if the tensile test is carried out with the displacement control of the beam, there is no doubt that the greatest advantage of nylon resin ecolon produced for making cylinder head is that it is not affected by the fluctuation of pressure, temperature and condensate flow, and it is continuously drained, Water angle: change the angle change of collet rotation, and then discharge. The minimum undercooling is 0 ℃, which can make the heating equipment achieve the best working efficiency; The valve seat of the lever floating ball steam trap is always below the liquid level, forming a water seal without steam leakage; Its minimum working pressure is 0.01Mpa, and the maximum back pressure rate is ≤ 85%; There is an exhaust device inside. The lever floating ball steam trap uses the most advanced capsule element as the automatic exhaust valve, which can automatically eliminate non condensable gas. It is very sensitive, with high working quality and long service life. The steam trap is designed with balanced double seat structure, which can achieve small volume and large drainage. It is especially suitable for steam blocking and drainage of large heating equipment and heat exchange station equipment. It is the preferred steam trap for large heating equipment

the valve uses double valve holes to relatively reduce the pressure of the valve core when opening the valve, so as to obtain super large displacement. During operation, the floating ball floats up and down with the change of liquid level in the valve chamber, driving the lever to open or close the valve seat. Since the valve seat hole is below the condensate water level, a water seal is formed, and the water and steam are naturally separated to achieve no steam leakage

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