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Label printer knowledge

I. Introduction to label printer

label is a part of product identification and an indispensable important sign of qualified products. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, unqualified labels have become one of the barriers for some countries to prevent other countries' products from entering their own country, which shows the important role of labels. Labels have also become one of the conditions for products to enter the international market

label printer, also known as bar code printer, clothing tag printer and envelope printer, is a kind of printing equipment that can print a large number of self-adhesive labels, pet labels, tags, washcloths and so on. It has been widely used in all aspects of production and life, such as supermarkets, government departments, manufacturing enterprises, logistics and so on

label printers can meet the different needs of production and life, and print labels of different sizes according to the different conditions of various enterprises. It is easy and fast to use. It can be printed in single sheet or in batch. It is completely controlled by the user. It is one of the indispensable production tools for enterprises

II. Characteristics of label printer

label printer is a special printer. The content it prints is generally the brand identification, serial number identification, packaging identification, bar code identification, envelope label, especially winter label, clothing tag, etc. In addition to the printing function of ordinary printers, it also has the following advantages:

1, industrial quality, which is not limited by the printing volume and can be printed for 24 hours

2. It is not limited by printing materials, and can print pet, copper paper, thermal paper self-adhesive labels, polyester, PVC and other synthetic materials and water-cleaning label fabrics

3. The text and graphics printed by thermal transfer have scratch resistant effect, and the special carbon tape printing can also make the printing products waterproof, antifouling, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant and so on

4. The printing speed is extremely fast, up to 10 inches (24 cm) per second

5. Continuous serial numbers can be printed and batch printed by connecting to the database

6. Label paper is generally hundreds of meters long, which can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small labels; The label printer adopts continuous printing mode, which is easier to save and sort out

7, not limited by the working environment

8. The maximum length of a single label can reach 120 cm

III. The difference between bar code printer and laser printer

at present, there are two ways to print bar code labels: bar code printer printing and software with laser printer. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and each has its ideal application occasions. Now let's compare the two methods

print with barcode printer:

barcode printer printing is a traditional barcode printing method. Bar code printer is a kind of special equipment, which generally has heat sensitive and heat transfer printing methods, using special label paper and carbon tape. The bar code printer has fast printing speed, can print special materials (PVC, etc.) and can be extended by external cutters, but it is expensive and complex to use and maintain, which is suitable for professional users who need to make a large number of labels. At present, the commonly used brands are datamax, zebra, cleaver, etc

using barcode label design and printing software and laser printer printing:

using ordinary printers with special barcode label design and printing software is another way to make barcode labels. This method can realize multiple functions of one machine, and the laser printer has high precision, strong graphic performance, and can print color labels. However, its printing speed is slow and there are few printable materials. The main barcode printing software includes label matrix codesoft, Barone, Jingcheng label software (JCDL), etc

selection of software mode and barcode printer mode:

according to the above comparison, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are applicable to different occasions:

where there is a large demand and multiple sets of equipment can be purchased at the same time to print labels, especially where the factory needs to print a large number of labels in a short time, and where special labels (such as PVC materials, waterproof materials) and instant printing (such as ticket office) are required, Barcode printer should be selected. In places where the label printing volume is small and most of them are one-time printing (such as libraries), laser printing should be selected. In some small shopping malls, small factories and other places, both methods can be selected

that is, if you often print a large number of labels, or have special requirements for labels, and your financial resources allow, you should choose a barcode printer; If your label printing volume is not large and you don't want to spend too much money, you should choose a laser printer. Using software and laser printing method, you can not only meet your needs of barcode label printing, but also use it to make business cards, breast cards, print letter labels, etc

IV. how to choose a suitable label printer

many enterprises are not familiar with the printer, so they often don't know how to choose the printer when choosing the printer. So how should users choose a label barcode printer suitable for their own enterprises

here, we provide several basis for customers on how to choose a code printer. When choosing a label barcode printer, you should consider the following issues:

1. Printing quantity:

if you need to print more than 1000 labels every day, you need a strong industrial grade printer with a metal shell, such as Sato cl408e/412e, cl608e/612e, etc. If the printing quantity is small, desktop personal printer series can be used, such as ct-400/410, etc

2. Label size:

general barcode printers can print 4 "X6" labels, which is in line with the current specifications of freight labels. You can also flexibly print labels of different sizes according to your own needs. If you need to print wider labels, you can choose cl608e/cl612e

3. Label content:

if you only need to print barcode and text, the general barcode printer can be competent. However, if you need to print different bar codes (such as product numbers) or words (such as shipping labels) for each label, and you don't want to stop printing halfway, you need a printer equipped with a 32-bit processor, which can greatly improve production efficiency

4. Label quality:

the printing resolution of label printer is generally divided into 203dpi, 300dpi and 600dpi; The higher the DPI value, the better the printing effect. If you want to print high-quality images on the label, you can consider choosing a 300dpi print head

5. Printing speed:

different types of printers have different printing speeds, depending on the speed requirements of users. Generally, the printing speed of bar code printer is 2 ″ -6 ″/sec per second, while the printing speed of high-speed printer (such as m8400rve) can reach 10 ″/sec. If you need to print a large number of labels in a short time, you should choose a high-speed printer

6. Applications in different industries:

the printer used in the production line or warehouse should choose the model with metal shell, such as sato408e/412e; In the point of sale or office, you can choose desktop personal printer series, such as ct-400/410, because it requires less space and is easy to move; If it is a garment processing enterprise, it is best to choose xl400e/410e. This coding machine is specially designed for garment production enterprises

v. how to prolong the service life of the print head of bar code label printer

the print head is the most vulnerable device in the printer. It is a consumable like a car and will eventually be damaged. However, continuous maintenance can prolong the life of the print head


· in order to play the best role, it is necessary to clean the print head every time you use a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper. Note that when cleaning the print head, take off the ring to prevent scratching the print head, and use grounding metal tape or anti-static pad to prevent static electricity from damaging the print head

· use a cotton stick soaked in 70% alcohol, turn off the printer power and turn on the print head first, brush the mechanical part of the printer with a small amount of cotton cloth, or gently blow away the floating dust (such as rollers, paper/ribbon sensors and print heads). Do not use any hard metal or abrasive tools (such as screwdriver) to grind the pollutants of the print head. Press a cotton stick with alcohol on the print head and wipe it from head to toe, then rotate the roller and wipe it while rotating it. Do not use the cotton stick when it is dirty. Factors causing premature failure of print head

· scratch - the long-term movement of the label/ribbon through the print head will wear the protective layer of the ceramic coating, exposing the print head pins (points) and eventually damaging

to avoid scratches

· always clean the print head and use a high-quality smooth heat transfer ribbon with film on the back to reduce friction

· try to reduce the pressure and temperature of the print head

· ensure that the ribbon width is wider than the label to prevent the exposed print head from being scratched by the label. Dirt caused by the back layer of the ribbon - after the print head is polluted by thermal paper and thermal transfer ribbon, high setting values such as high temperature, high pressure and high speed will be required. Pollutants accumulate on the print head pin, causing heat transfer obstacles and affecting the quality of the printed image. The increase of pollution gradually reduces the print quality and makes the print needle look dull or damaged. Contaminants and make wet cotton sticks difficult to clean

in order to avoid the dirt caused by the back layer of the ribbon

· it is necessary to use the heat transfer ribbon that has been protected by the back layer. This ribbon needs to refer to the non sticky ribbon, which has the effect of dispersing static electricity and more lubrication

· often do the maintenance of the print head

· using our protective print head film can quickly and easily remove the garbage accumulation of the print head

print head warranty

· it is recommended to use the label and ribbon provided by the supplier to achieve the best printing effect and reduce the wear of the print head

· the supplier will not bear any responsibility for the damage of the print head caused by the use of labels and ribbons not provided by the supplier

bar code card (bar code card)

bar code technology is an automatic recognition technology widely used in commerce, postal service, library management, warehousing, industrial production process control, transportation and other fields. It has the advantages of fast input speed, high accuracy, low cost, strong reliability and so on. It plays an important role in today's automatic recognition technology. Bar code technology is a technology that integrates coding, printing, recognition, data acquisition and processing based on computer technology and information technology. The fruit and honey we bought from the supermarket will definitely have codes on the fruit boxes and honey cans, whether it is the barcode compiled by the supermarket itself or the barcode on the trademark of the commodity manufacturer

what is a bar code card

the bar code card records information in a bar code composed of a group of regularly arranged bars, spaces and their corresponding characters. Common bar code symbols are printed from black bars and white spaces. When light shines on the bar code symbols, the black bars and white spaces produce strong contrast, thus using the different reflectance of bars and spaces to light to read information

bar code cards are divided into one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code. One dimensional code is commonly used. For example, the bar code on the outer package of daily commodities is one-dimensional code. Its information storage capacity is small, and it can only store a code, which can be used to access the data in the computer network. QR code is developed in recent years. It can store more information in limited space, including text, image, fingerprint, signature, etc., and can be used without computer. The bar code card is easy to make, and the ordinary bar code is pressed by one

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