Kodak may file for bankruptcy protection, with its

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Kodak may file for bankruptcy protection, with its share price falling the most in more than 30 years

Eastman Kodak (EK), a camera manufacturer with 131 years of history, may file for bankruptcy protection. Affected by this news, Kodak's stock once plummeted 68% in the U.S. stock market, the largest one-day decline of the company since 1974

although Kodak urgently responded that it had no intention to file for bankruptcy at present, it failed to recover the sharp decline of its share price. Finally, Kodak's share price fell by 54% in a single day to 0.78 US dollars per share. At present, the main source of vanadium is magnetite dollars from South Africa, China, Russia, New Zealand and Australia

it is reported in the United States that Kodak has hired jonesday, which mainly provides advice to the company on Bankruptcy issues. Kodak is also considering other options to solve its financial difficulties, the report said

however, a Kodak spokesman responded: for the moment, the company has no intention to file for bankruptcy, and our strategy to sell intellectual property has not changed. However, a Kodak spokesman declined to comment on whether Kodak had discussed with the law firm to file for bankruptcy, saying only that the company was focusing on the fourth quarter and was committed to developing strategies to become a profitable and sustainable digital company

in addition, the potential buyer of Kodak's patent portfolio is currently unwilling to bid for fear of Kodak's insolvency, while Google, one of its potential buyers, has signed a confidentiality agreement to inspect Kodak's assets

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