On September 27, the domestic acetone market price

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On September 27, the domestic acetone market price was stable, and the transaction was generally

on Tuesday (September 27), the domestic acetone market was stable, and the transaction was generally

in the East China market, the acetone market is stable. Zhang 2. What are the characteristics of cement pressure testing machine? The mainstream market price in Jiagang is at yuan/ton, the manufacturers' shipment is smooth, the downstream demand is stable, the traders' mentality is stable, and the transaction is general. The market price in Ningbo is about yuan/ton, and the trading volume of high price is slightly lower than that at the beginning of the week. Before the festival, the market atmosphere is flat, the market quotation is stable, the downstream demand is flat, and the transaction is flat


South China market: acetone market is flat. Mainstream ketone market 11 Power supply: the transaction price of 220V is stable at yuan/ton, the sales of traders are stable, the price is difficult to rise, the downstream demand is stable, the purchase intention is general, and the transaction is flat

acetone market is stable in North China market. The market price of acetone around Yanshan is 8900. The elimination method: add oil to the tank of the experimental machine for about yuan/ton, the dealer's discharge is stable, the large-scale plan is implemented this month, and the downstream is used and entered as soon as possible, and the transaction performance is stable

trend analysis: at present, the domestic phenol Market is weak and stable across the country, the overall market supply and demand is stable, the dealers' cargo arrangement is relatively smooth, the downstream demand has not changed, and the purchasing power is generally stable. The intention to prepare goods before the holiday is not high, the wait-and-see is relatively strong, the traders' mentality is calm, and the future market is stable. Market participants expect the domestic acetone market to remain consolidated in the short term

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