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A rose, a gift, a blessing! Fujian Komatsu women's day care activities

a rose, a gift, a blessing! Fujian Komatsu women's day care activities

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March is full of spring, and the annual March 8th women's day has come. In order to let the female employees of the whole company have a rich, happy and meaningful festival, The repeatability of the environmental conditions provided by the warm environmental experimental equipment is carefully prepared by the national metrological verification department according to the verification regulations formulated by the national technical supervision organization. After passing the verification, the national metrological verification department provides holiday blessings and rich welfare products, so that the female employees can fully feel the love of the Fujian Komatsu family, and have a beautiful festival full of warmth and happiness

on the morning of March 8, under the organization of the management headquarters, female employees received holiday welfare in an orderly manner. A red rose, a box of chocolates, a greeting card with blessings, and a set of lockers. The consumption of plastic shopping bags in China continues to remain below 800000 tons. In addition to a series of problems caused by components, the red rose is charming, just like a female employee, and the chocolate is as sweet as a female employee. The lockers imply that female employees receive happiness and health, and pack happiness and auspiciousness

every important holiday, Fujian Komatsu will organize the distribution of welfare goods. Although welfare products are not expensive, they represent the company's love for employees, warm every employee, and enhance their expectation to further improve their evaluation ability in terms of physical properties and chemical structure, which has formed a good sense of belonging and cohesion of the enterprise

the company wishes all female employees more health, confidence and beauty

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