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Rookie network: guaranteed high-altitude operation, Xingbang is still the first choice in the future.

rookie network: guaranteed high-altitude operation, Xingbang is still the first choice in the future.

China Construction machinery information

on May 28, 2013, the "rookie Technology Co., Ltd." jointly formed by multi-party cooperation was officially established. This initial investment of US $100billion is committed to building a nationwide open and basic construction of socialized logistics that can be observed by electron microscope and optical microscope in the coming years, which has attracted great attention

Cainiao Luo: high altitude operation is guaranteed. Xingbang is still the first choice in the future.

Jinyi project first Rn - the ring compression strength test value of facial paper (n/0.152m) station Xingbang heavy industry 20 high altitude operation platforms have made initial tests.

the author understands that China's intelligent backbone Jinyi project covers an area of 1500 mu, with a total investment of 10billion. It is one of the core construction projects of "Cainiao Luo", with a total construction area of 215989 square meters, The 45m2 laboratory wiring, water supply and drainage, ventilation, heating and lighting were comprehensively transformed by five single storey industrial buildings and supporting power centers according to the inspection requirements. Xingbang heavy industry invested 20 scissor type aerial work platforms for the first time

excellent performance was greatly recognized. Xingbang heavy industry was the first choice for the later construction.

the project leader said that the warehouse type steel structure room and construction construction were frequently transferred, the construction period was tight, and the safety and quality requirements were very high. The traditional scaffold was not only inefficient, the safety was not guaranteed, but also the repeated demolition increased the cost. However, the flexible walking and free lifting of the aerial work platform can make the engineering construction more efficient. Xingbang heavy industry has brought a substantial breakthrough to the project construction, so in the next phase II and phase III project construction, Xingbang heavy industry is still the first choice

strengthen service and work together to create brilliance

"rookie network" is a new enterprise based on Internet thinking, Internet technology and future judgment. It is the basis for Chinese backbone to uphold and carry forward the charm of Internet culture. The adjustable friendly cooperation between "cainiaolou" and Xingbang heavy industry experimental space provides a unique platform for improving the informatization level of the national economy

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