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Rookie releases green logistics report: new technologies and new models lead to the major upgrading of environmental protection

on December 6, China Environmental Protection Foundation and DT Finance jointly released the 2018 China Green Logistics Development Report (hereinafter referred to as the report), which combed the latest progress of China's green logistics in model innovation, technological achievements and so on. According to the report, China's green logistics has used wisdom to empower environmental protection and drive towards a green postal road

"under the guidance of national policies, e-commerce platforms and major express delivery enterprises have responded to the call to develop green logistics and have achieved preliminary results." According to the report, the green logistics of the whole link has been accelerated through mode innovation, technical assistance, material purification and other ways

express packaging accelerates "downsizing"

the report points out that enterprises represented by rookies are "downsizing" express packaging through technical means and opening up a complete set of green solutions to the society

with the gradual popularization of the new retail model, green logistics is also evolving. The proportion of original box delivery, nearby delivery and store delivery continued to increase in 2015. After the delivery distance and time of commodities are shortened, more commodities realize lightweight packaging. Recycling box plus original box packaging is an innovative mode of simple packaging at present

in the distribution of retail outlets across the country, the delivery of original cartons accounted for nearly 40%, and 30% of the old cartons were directly recycled. New experiences such as the fastest delivery of HEMA fresh food in 30 minutes, the delivery of tmall supermarket in 1 hour, and the delivery of tmall flagship store in 2 hours have sprung up, and minute level distribution and reduced packaging have become normal

strengthen the construction of intelligence. DuPont high performance materials division provides all kinds of thermoplastics, elastomers, renewable resources polymers, high-performance parts and profiles.

through the innovation of intelligent warehousing, pre stocking and other modes, the efficiency of urban logistics network has been significantly improved. In pilot cities, the delivery distance of a single package can be shortened from 700 kilometers to about 400 kilometers. For parcels sent through the city warehouse, the distribution distance can be reduced to 100 kilometers, the distribution efficiency and vehicle loading rate can be optimized, and the transportation distance can be reduced by more than 80%

the report found that in the past three years, the logistics industry has made rapid progress on the road of intelligent construction. The new technology with intelligent algorithm as the core has become an important driving force for the green development of logistics industry

agv, shuttle car, cooperative robot, parallel robot, etc. are widely used in warehouses and sorting centers. Before the double 11 this year, Yuantong and Cainiao launched a super robot distribution center, with 350 AGV "little blue people", which can sort more than 500000 packages every day. The "little blue people" can travel around the equator of the earth in three days

in the last kilometer, the construction of intelligent terminals represented by intelligent express cabinets is accelerating. According to the 2018 work plan of the State Post Bureau, it is estimated that by 2020, the number of intelligent express cabinets in the country will reach 772000 groups to meet the distribution demand

green logistics has risen to national action

in 2017, the national post office issued the 13th five year plan for the development of the express industry, which identified green logistics as the main tone for the development of the logistics industry in the future. In January, 2018, the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the coordinated development of e-commerce and express logistics, encouraging e-commerce enterprises and express logistics enterprises to carry out green supply chain reengineering and promote green transportation and distribution

on this basis, rookie and more than 30 partners around the world accelerated the promotion of the "green action plan", ushered in another week of busy work, carried out "green" construction in all links from warehousing, packaging, transportation and distribution, and vigorously promoted the recycling of express cartons at the end

the report shows that the upgrading of environmental protection in China's logistics industry accelerated in 2018. China Post has comprehensively launched plans for packaging reduction, belt slimming and recycling, and the first batch of 130000 green standard boxes, 38000 belt free boxes and 25000 rolls of narrow tape have been put into use. Suning drifting 8. Irregular deviation of indicated value; The box operation has been expanded to 14 cities, and more recycling boxes have been invested in the end delivery link

in the aspect of Zhongtong, the utilization rate of electronic face orders has exceeded 97%, and all 68 sets of automatic sorting lines in the country use recyclable canvas bags for packaging. Yuantong launched the RFID system and used recyclable RFID environmental protection bags in batches in four centers nationwide that have enabled automatic equipment. Shentong reduced packaging consumables by 10% by using degradable express bags, avoiding excessive packaging, regular recycling and other measures

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