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Current situation and development of special wires and cables

1 Preface

in recent years, China's photoelectric cable market has increased at a rate of 15% - 20% per year. The position of wire and cable industry in China's machinery industry is the second largest industry after automobiles, and China is also the world's second largest wire and cable producer after the United States

however, recently, the global wire and cable market is becoming more and more mature, and the development of wire and cable manufacturing industry is slowing down, with a small growth rate. With the change of the external environment and the influence of internal competition, the world wire and cable industry has entered the pattern of monopoly competition of several giants, and has been placed vertically and horizontally in the world. Almost at the same time as South Korea's LS group announced its entry into China, nexen, the world's leading cable manufacturer, announced that nexen (Shanghai) cable company, a new factory with an investment of 2200 euros, had officially started production in April, marking the beginning of production of the world's advanced special cables in China. Previously, almost all the high-end cables needed by the Chinese market were imported. Although the number of domestic manufacturers in China is as high as more than 7000, they are almost concentrated in low-end fields and compete for the market by low prices, which has also become a bottleneck for the development of domestic enterprises. At present, in the field of high-end cables with large profit margins, the Chinese market is completely occupied by multinational giants

due to fierce competition, major manufacturers in the wire and cable industry mainly reduce costs and control fixed expenditures in various ways. With the entry of multinational companies, China's cable industry with low price competition will face a severe test. The openness and acceptance of special cables in China's wire and cable market provides a way out for domestic cable enterprises that have been fighting at the low end for a long time. It is also like the spring breeze blowing in the face, injecting a "booster" into the "critically ill" of the wire and cable industry

at present, the market sales of special cables account for about 30% of the total sales of domestic cable market. According to rough estimates, the annual sales of special cable products across the country is about 40billion yuan. The market demand for special cable products has set up a huge and finely divided stage for us, which requires us to grasp, develop and occupy by ourselves. In today's fierce competition and unprofitable ordinary products, why not focus on the development of special cable products. Recently, South Korea's LS group and nexen, the world's leading cable manufacturer, have entered the Chinese cable market. It is reported that China will establish two major special cable production bases in Anhui and Sichuan. In the era of rapid development of special cable products, a number of high-tech wire and cable enterprises worthy of the name will emerge

2. What is special cable

nowadays, there are more and more statements about special cables, and special cables seem to be more and more popular. But what is special cable, including those products, it seems that not everyone knows. Someone said, "except for the serious power cables and communication cables stipulated in the standard, all cables are special cables". Some factories describe the control cable as a special cable. Whether this statement is correct or not, I'm afraid ordinary people can't draw a conclusion, and it's up to experts the final say

up to now, no experts have made a precise definition of what special products are. From the publicity materials, people call the products that can only transmit electric energy and communication signals without any other auxiliary functions and performance as traditional products, and the products that also have special auxiliary functions and performance as special products. Special wire and cable is a series of products with unique performance and special structure, which is equivalent to a large number of ordinary wires and cables. It has the characteristics of high technical content, strict use conditions, small batch and high added value. New materials, new structures, new processes and new design calculations are often used. For example, products with "anti..." and "anti..." and some special products are typical special products. Due to the particularity of its application, special cables have special requirements for their performance compared with conventional cables, such as high temperature, low temperature, longitudinal or radial pressure tightness (gas or water), ultraviolet light, ozone, lubrication or fuel oil, special flux, bending, bending, tension, pressure resistance, strong current or strong magnetic field interference, corona, radiation, flame retardancy, fire resistance, etc

gystzs halogen-free flame retardant optical cable and ant resistant optical cable

for example: high temperature resistant wire and cable (including polyether sulfone (PES) insulated wire and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) insulated wire); Wires and cables with special uses and structures (including low inductance cables and low noise cables); Functional wires and cables (including fluorine resin self-control stable 135 ℃ heating cables and electroluminescent wires); New green insulated environmental protection wire and cable (including CMP cable and halogen-free new green environmental protection wire and cable)

special cable products are produced in response to the special needs of the market. With the high development of electrical equipment, the continuous change of the earth's environment and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, some products with special functions and performance are called for. The development of modern high technology has special performance requirements for cables in all walks of life, different power and signal transmission requirements, and different use environments (even harsh environments), making the variety of cables used dazzling. The production of special cables is the inevitable result of the diversified development of products. Therefore, based on the solid foundation of traditional products, special cable products have made great development. The newly added product categories are expanding, and the frequency of reuse is relatively small. Therefore, according to the requirements of users, the ability to design and produce different special products is very important

there are generally no ready-made national standards or industrial standards for special cable products. If everyone waits until there is a standard to develop special products, what else should we do to innovate? Innovation is to create new things according to the needs of the market. When we look up the new product information, all the special product standards we see are the product standards formulated by each enterprise itself, which is innovation

there are nearly 7000 wire and cable manufacturing enterprises in China, of which nearly half can produce special cables, but few manufacturers produce special cables such as fire-proof cables, locomotive and vehicle cables, nuclear power station cables, heating cables and so on, accounting for less than 1% of the total number of existing wire and cable manufacturing enterprises. Such special cables are in short supply and partially rely on imports; The production of shielded cables, computer cables, connecting flexible cables, high-temperature cables and other special cables is mainly concentrated in some small enterprises. The enterprise capital, technology and talents are relatively weak, and the product quality cannot be guaranteed. Because of its low price, the market is often monopolized by them. These enterprises have not formed their own core competitiveness, and it is difficult to resist the impact of the market. Limited by the performance of domestic raw materials and the level of production equipment, for the sake of insurance, the non-metallic sheath of domestic special cables is generally thicker, resulting in the average cost of special cable materials in China always accounting for 40% - 50% of the total cost, and some even higher, while the materials of similar foreign products are few, and the average cost accounts for 25% - 30% of the total cost. The sales profit of imported products is often 3-4 times that of domestic products. Among the domestic enterprises producing special cables, there are a large number of small enterprises with low level of technical equipment and personnel quality. Some enterprises are equivalent to workshop enterprises, and there is a large gap compared with similar foreign products, so they cannot resist the impact of foreign products

3. The development of special cable materials is urgent

from the development level of the entire wire and cable industry today, there are problems of low industry concentration, scattered technical forces, and low scientific and technological content of products. Among them, the "special materials" needed to manufacture "special cables" still need to be imported. Industry insiders believe that the dependence on imports of special materials has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's cable industry

according to the statistics of relevant departments, only a few enterprises in the national wire and cable industry have annual sales of more than 2billion yuan, and the brands of a few enterprises can be recognized internationally or have high popularity. The reason is that after the reform and opening up, China's cable industry has adopted the "take doctrine" method of production, and the technical standards, main equipment and main raw materials have been introduced from abroad. For example, the production of 110000 volt high-voltage cross-linked cables follows this path. Therefore, when Baosteel, light rail locomotives and other national heavy vibration tests began to sprout about 4 or 510 years ago, the core equipment of major projects need special supporting cables, which can only rely on imports. The key problem is that "special cables" need to be processed with "special materials". Cable enterprises can't develop them by themselves, so they can only rely on imports

insiders pointed out that in order to improve the development level of China's cable industry, in addition to sharing the technical resources of "advanced equipment" and "advanced standards" and promoting the level of production scale, China's enterprises should also concentrate funds and talents to solve the bottleneck problems affecting the development of the cable industry, that is, to speed up the research and development of special materials, Produce special raw low-cost equipment and materials with independent intellectual property rights, which can be heated to the welding temperature in only 3 minutes, get rid of the "blockade" of foreign manufacturers, and truly establish the competitive strength to compete with foreign enterprises on the whole

insiders suggested that the government and relevant departments should increase investment and policy support for cable material research and development from the strategic development height of "becoming bigger and stronger" in the cable industry. First of all, the relevant science and technology departments should establish special funds in combination with the special cables and special materials required for the construction of national key projects, and organize manufacturers and users to carry out joint development to meet the production needs of special cables. The second is to strengthen the scientific and technological development of special materials. The government invests and organizes factories, institutions and colleges with research and development ability to form a joint research group, which is included in the scientific and technological development plan, such as submarine cross-linked cable soft joints, superconducting materials, 500kV and above ultra-high voltage cross-linked cables, and so on. Each part is assembled by a craftsman. If we can make a substantial breakthrough, we can not only fill the national gap, but also compete with similar foreign products in the market. Finally, we should speed up the research and development of the world's cutting-edge product - superconducting cable. At present, a research and development team has been jointly initiated by the relevant power supply departments, manufacturers and sponsors, and is carrying out research and development work in this area. The state and government should further increase support in technology and policy, and organize relevant experts to strengthen guidance and help, so as to speed up the progress of research and development

4. According to statistics, in 2003, the GDP of China's marine cables reached 30million US dollars, of which 20million US dollars were exported, and the rest were sold in the domestic market. Research shows that China's marine cable export market will increase at an annual growth rate of 5% in the next decade. It is predicted that China's wire and cable industry will grow at a rate of 10% - 15% in the first 10 years of the 21st century. Therefore, wire and cable will usher in a period of strong demand in the future. Undoubtedly, in the wire and cable market, the increasingly fierce competition will not be surprising, but it is only limited to the traditional wire and cable market. After several years of rapid development, China's wire and cable industry has formed a considerable scale, but because the production capacity is greater than the demand, there is a situation of oversupply. Moreover, the technical content is not very high, and it is still difficult to meet some special needs. Based on this

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