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Rotocontrol label equipment integrated detection, die cutting and other technologies

Rotocontrol is a company specializing in the production of servo drive equipment operated by the company's executive director, Mr. Marco aegenvoort. It is said that the company's equipment can ensure 100% stability of web control. According to the company, the RSI production line with a variety of optional devices and the most basic RSC module can realize the maximum web control of most exquisite films and bronzing materials. Looking forward to 2019

our equipment has comprehensive performance. Mr. aengenvoort said: it can meet the requirements of customers for intuitive control, higher automation and component integrated design. Our low-speed high-end device RSI 430 integrates the detection system, and its emergence ensures our company's leading position in the field of label system control

rotocontrol's equipment integrates the latest detection and slitting technology, said the relevant person in charge of Huaibei municipal government, die cutting technology and servo drive technology (s-drive). S-drive technology provides an electronic synchronous drive system, which can fully control the web running at a maximum speed of 320 m/min. it is especially suitable for the processing of film and bronzing materials. Compared with other competitive products of the same kind, s-drive technology can maintain the best stability performance of the machine from preparation to how the complete concrete pressure testing machine is calibrated to stop high-speed operation. Other advantages include soft package, low maintenance cost, simple error analysis program and user-friendly graphical operation interface. Rotocontrol's RSI slitting, rewinding and monitoring equipment is equipped with s-drive web control system, on-line uncoiling system, label/length measurement system, pressure cutter system and more

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