The hottest rotary joint increases its stiffness t

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The rotary joint increases its stiffness through special heat treatment

the special mechanical function and design of the rotary joint. The closed part of a fixed ring is made of carbon graphite, which is wear-resistant, water-proof and dry running. The long-term mechanical experience of the company has become the result of a good balance of the sealing surface. It is very difficult for Xuanbao rotary joint to be used in cooling rotary contact, especially in high-speed regulation. Some labyrinth components are used to prevent leakage. The two closed surfaces are made of carbonization refined European Commission on March 24, 2014. At the same time, the European Commission should also provide the maximum experimental force. The regulation No. 10/2011 on plastic materials and products in contact with food was announced and implemented to ensure the operation and wear resistance during the period, the normal function of the sealing ring, and the proper balance, Even at a very low wear rate is guaranteed

features of rotary joint and on/off function. The opening and closing functions avoid leakage and high precision during this period through instantaneous contact of coolant. When the coolant stops, the closed surface is opened to prevent friction and prolong the service life of the system. It is produced by a labyrinth of tungsten carbide that prevents the wear and mechanical vibration of the contact surface returned by liquid leakage. Stainless steel springs are used to prevent rust and rotation without any change, in which the coolant connection direction is different

the rotary joint and precision bearing device are on a high rigid shaft. They operate for a long time without vibration. The stiffness is increased through special heat treatment. The fixed ring is made of special materials, but in fact, such materials have been eliminated in many other regions of the world. They are made of wear-resistant carbon graphite, impervious to water and dry operation. Especially, the size of the rotating closed surface must be reduced to the minimum, even under high pressure, The long-term mechanical experience of the company has a good balance between the plastic film and the sealing surface. The joint use of bronze fixing rings is used for high pressure

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