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Cainiao,, Xiaomi, Suning and SF green packaging solutions competition

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core tip: with the rapid development of e-commerce logistics, As well as the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the problems caused by e-commerce logistics packaging have become the focus of public attention. As an important part of the packaging industry, e-commerce logistics packaging has become the consensus of enterprise development to promote green packaging and create green logistics

[China Packaging News] with the rapid development of e-commerce logistics and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the problems caused by e-commerce logistics packaging have become the focus of public attention. As an important part of the packaging industry, e-commerce logistics packaging has become the consensus of enterprise development to promote green packaging and create green logistics

green packaging is not only an industry problem, but also a comprehensive social problem. It requires not only the top-level design of the government, but also the joint efforts of enterprises and markets, but also the transformation of consumer ideas and the cooperation of actions

policy is an important driving force for the development of green packaging in e-commerce logistics. The state has successively issued relevant policy opinions, such as the national special plan for the development of e-commerce logistics (year), the guiding opinions on accelerating the transformation and development of China's packaging industry, and the guiding opinions on jointly promoting the green packaging work of express delivery, from the aspects of information technology, packaging materials, printing technology, recycling technology, statistics and certification, It points out the development direction and measures for the development of green logistics and green packaging

it is understood that packaging and distribution mainly includes packaging equipment and methods, packaging materials, sorting and picking, distribution, etc. Packaging equipment and methods include filling, packing, wrapping, sealing, bundling, labeling, cleaning, drying, sterilization, shockproof, collective packaging (pallet, container, container bag), etc; Packaging materials mainly include heat shrinkable plastic bags, packaging stretching, winding packaging, belts, labels, tapes, etc; Sorting and picking include rapid sorting of goods and picking system, and distribution includes parts suppliers, etc

according to the data provided by Zhu Lei, an expert of China Post think tank, as of May 2017, there were a total of 171314 patent technology applications in the national express industry, and SF, China international shipping,, Alibaba group, Jiangsu Tianqi logistics, China Shenhua, State Grid, Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance, Hubei tobacco industry, and Tianjin Yingde technology ranked among the top 10 patent applications. The national patents of packaging and distribution technology are 28418, accounting for 17% of the total patent applications of express industry technology

at the first China e-commerce and logistics green packaging conference, the relevant principals of cainiaolo,, Suning, Xiaomi and SF explained their respective enterprises' initiatives in e-commerce green packaging. From the perspective of reduced packaging, environmental protection packaging materials, and supply chain, they create distinctive green e-commerce packaging solutions through the combination of process and technology

in terms of packaging lightweight, it mainly refers to using less raw materials and energy input to achieve the established production and consumption purposes. There are several different manifestations of reduction. The principle of reduction in production often requires the miniaturization and lightness of products, the pursuit of simple and simple product packaging, and the avoidance of luxury and waste, so as to reduce waste emissions

in terms of recycling, there are two kinds of recycling according to circular economy. One is primary recycling, which means that waste products are recycled to produce similar products. Newspapers regenerate newspapers, cans regenerate cans, and secondary recycling is to convert waste resources into other raw materials. The efficiency of primary recycling to reduce raw materials is much higher than that of secondary recycling, which is the ideal realm of circular economy

e-commerce green packaging is a topic in the industrial chain, which requires all companies in the supply chain to think about countermeasures together. Through cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, the R & D and supporting capabilities of brands, logistics enterprises, packaging consumables enterprises and aluminum processing enterprises are continuously enhanced, as well as efficient collaboration among consumers. Improve resource utilization from the whole chain of production, packaging, warehousing, delivery, transportation, distribution, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation, consumption reduction, and low-carbon environmental protection

however, there are still many challenges in how to detect and define green packaging, how to promote and apply green, environmental friendly and economic packaging solutions, and how to comprehensively promote the popularization and development of green packaging from the perspective of industry and supply chain

the following is the content arrangement of green package solutions for Cainiao, SF,, Suning, and Xiaomi e-commerce:

Cainiao: consider the overall popularity and acceptance of relevant parties in the equipment industry with good quality

Cainiao as a platform, due to the positioning relationship of enterprises, Cainiao pays more attention to the overall popularity and acceptance of relevant parties in the industry when carrying out green work. Cainiaolu follows the principle of reduction, reuse, recycling and degradability to promote green packaging. It is proposed that 50% of all packages sent from Alibaba e-commerce platform should be green by 2020, and 3.62 million tons of carbon emission reduction should be achieved

the main measures of Cainiao Luo in green packaging and green logistics are:

jointly establish Cainiao green alliance with 32 logistics partners, launch Cainiao green action plan, establish Cainiao green alliance public welfare fund, and promote the work related to green logistics

in terms of reduction, on the premise of improving the efficiency of logistics operation, we recommend packaging solutions through intelligent packaging algorithm according to the products contained in consumer orders, so as to realize reduction of packaging, improve the space utilization of the whole carton and reduce the use of plastic fillers. At present, the algorithm can reduce the packaging by an average of 5%. In 2017, the shipment volume of double 11 exceeded 1billion pieces, saving more than 45 million boxes. With the introduction of rookie electronic noodles instead of traditional triple noodles, the utilization rate of merchants on Alibaba e-commerce platform has reached 80%, saving 1.2 billion yuan of paper costs every year

in addition, it also launched biodegradable bags and non adhesive cartons, and jointly opened a special procurement area for green parcels with tmall. Carry out in-depth cooperation with ant forest. After consumers receive green parcel express, they will automatically obtain green energy on ant forest. When conditions are met, public welfare organizations will plant green parcel forests in Dunhuang, design standardized green recycling zones, open carton recycling in ten cities, and create the first green logistics city in Xiamen work together with upstream and downstream to promote B2B2C green environmental protection in the supply chain's exploration in green packaging is mainly through reducing packaging, promoting biodegradation and recycling packaging, and promoting supply chain packaging in the upstream of the joint supply chain

the main measures include: promoting 400g three-layer cartons, improving the logistics system, standardizing operations, and reducing the use of packaging; Promote 100% electronic face-to-face list in self operated logistics; Reduce the tape width, start the carton recycling, and reduce the packaging buffer; Promote electronic sign in, and use adhesive tape free cartons in some businesses; Hold e-commerce logistics packaging competition, start the action of green supply chain, implement the green flow plan, and work with upstream and downstream enterprises to promote B2B2C green environmental protection of the whole supply chain

from the perspective of supply chain, cooperates with brands to promote simple packaging and straight hair packaging. Through consumption big data and logistics big data, we can tell brands where there are problems in packaging and how to solve them, and promote direct hair packaging. Carry out the transportation of substitute belt boards, reduce the times of commodity handling, and reduce the rate of commodity damage. Reuse requires that packaged products can be reused in the original packaging form. Now many e-commerce packaging materials are being recycled, and secondary cartons are used in the packaging process

Xiaomi Technology: refined management, full participation

because Xiaomi has both upstream production logistics and 2b and 2C logistics, it needs to participate in the whole process of 2B and 2C transportation from the source of the supply chain and production to the end. Through process improvement and refined management, we can make use of the multi operation scene to reduce, lighten, standardize and recycle as much as possible on the premise of protecting goods

the main measures of Xiaomi's green packaging are: different products use different packaging and electronic face lists, print the paper size of the shopping list according to the length of the customer's order and the size of the content, and implement electronic invoices without wasting any place

water soluble tape, instead of transparent tape, promotes recyclable packaging and simple packaging. Use the original box of the front-end production supplier to deliver goods. When using the recycled carton for secondary delivery, inform the customer that it is the second use of the old. Let the product designer participate in the logistics packaging design, use big data and data model to calculate the combination of orders, and recommend the optimal product box type

Suning Logistics: follow the international 3R standard and call for upstream and downstream cooperation

Suning mainly follows the current international 3R standard in terms of application methods and methods of green packaging, namely packaging lightweight, reuse and recycling

Suning launched the slimming plan of adhesive tape and face sheet in 2016, which greatly reduced the use of relevant packaging materials and reduced environmental pollution. The carton recycling system was launched. The courier explained the recycling methods to the customers on site, processed the noodle list information on site, took back the packing cases for screening, returned to the warehouse and pasted with proprietary environmental labels for reuse. In 2016, Suning recycled a total of 2 million packing cases

in terms of recycling, Suning launched a recyclable shared express box this year. After the consignee signs, the courier will directly recycle the box. By October this year, Suning had put 50000 shared express boxes in total, saving 6.5 million cartons in total, and it is expected to put 200000 shared express boxes in 2018

for Tiantian express, Suning has replaced the woven bag handed over between the original points with the current RFID environmental protection bag. The environmental protection bag has a built-in chip, has positioning and tracking functions, can identify the destination, achieve the purpose of automatic decomposition, and can scan and query all kinds of information in real time. It can not only be recycled, but also save employees' working time

in terms of recycling, Suning requires that the products produced are reusable resources and reduce non recyclable garbage. For example, the use of kraft paper tape in Suning can greatly improve the recycling value of cartons

in terms of intellectualization, the packaging recommendation system is launched, which can accurately evaluate all kinds of information, size and weight of commodities. Through big data calculation, it can match the size of the carton, and calculate how to place the goods in the carton to save consumables, reduce the consumption of consumables, and improve the operation efficiency of employees

formulate different packaging schemes for different product categories and customer acceptance. For example, for some high-value goods, the customer acceptance is low, so the secondary recycling cartons are less used; If daily necessities, rice, grain and oil and other products are highly accepted by customers, recycled cartons can be promoted

SF: pay attention to packaging standardization and play the magic of packaging

China cold chain logistics development report shows

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