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Rookie takes the lead in upgrading the competition war in the logistics robot R & D industry

the 2018 national key R & D plan "intelligent robot" key special project announced by the Ministry of science and technology recently revealed that rookie will take the exclusive lead in the future logistics robot R & D in the logistics industry

nowadays, driven by the rapid development of China's e-commerce industry, the business volume in the logistics field has shown a continuous upward trend. During the "double 11" festival in 2018, Ma Yun's prediction of "10 parcels a day" has been successfully realized. At the same time, the freight volume of the industry is still growing synchronously

with the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend and the further development of social science and technology, logistics has also ushered in a development boom under the pressure of huge business volume. With the continuous influx of capital into the market, some robot manufacturers or technology companies, such as kuaichang and jizhijia, have completed several rounds of financing. E-commerce logistics enterprises such as Alibaba, and are also constantly using logistics robots to overweight warehousing and transportation

according to the statistical data of the "analysis report on market demand forecast and investment strategic planning of China's intelligent logistics industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the average annual growth of logistics robots has exceeded 20% in the past five years, and the market size of AGV in 2018 was nearly 19000 units. In the context of the increasingly demanding efficiency of the logistics industry, the demand for logistics robots will further increase if the temperature rises slowly. Tractica, a market research and consulting organization, predicts that the global market size of warehousing and logistics robots will reach US $22.4 billion by 2021

it is understood that Alibaba's rookie has been involved in Logistics Intelligent Research and development since its inception. At the end of 2015, Alibaba set about setting up a rookie et logistics laboratory, and indicated that it would make efforts in the research and development of end distribution robots, warehouse complex picking robot matrix and so on. Since 2018, rookies have also built a number of "future parks" in combination with IOT, and other technological trends. In Wuxi future park, which was put into operation during the "double 11" Festival last year, nearly 700 rookie robots worked at the same time. At the end of January this year, cainiaolo also announced that the country's first (IOT) robot distribution center was opened in Nanjing

in JD logistics, its highly concerned unmanned warehouse includes the collaborative operation of a large number of intelligent logistics robots. In November last year, JD logistics, together with NVIDIA and syrius, an autonomous mobile robot company, launched a new human-computer cooperation robot "syrius torch star AMR", and launched the world's first robot intelligent distribution station in Changsha. In March this year, JD logistics announced that it would build the first 5g intelligent logistics demonstration park in Shanghai

in addition, the super robot distribution center jointly established by Yuantong and rookie was officially opened in Yuantong Hangzhou Transfer Center last year. SF is applying the sorting method of industrial robots, and plans to invest in the construction of SF Dongguan scientific and technological innovation base in Songshan Lake to build a robot R & D center. Suning is actively building "scenario interconnection + intelligent supply chain", which also involves AGV robots

at the same time, the national policy is still inclined to the field of logistics robots. Since 2013, a number of opinions have been issued to promote the development of the industry. At the end of December last year, the national logistics robot working group was also officially established, mainly responsible for the preparation and revision of national standards for logistics robots

according to the analysis of accelerating the intelligent and digital transformation of plastic equipment in the industry, logistics robots will have a small-scale outbreak in multiple scenes in 2019, and the real big outbreak time point is 2020. At present, with more and more entrants in the field of logistics robots, the market competition will become increasingly fierce, and the industry war is imminent. However, in the frenzy of industry development, there are still some problems that cannot be ignored, such as high cost and imperfect technical level. If logistics robots want to achieve large-scale landing applications, they also have a lot of work to do. Author: Chen Xiu

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