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Rookies push "zero" new packaging to develop green logistics needs to be promoted by many parties

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core tip: [China Packaging News] January 17 news, it is understood that some consumers shopping in tmall supermarket recently received a special express package, the box is recycling profit

[China Packaging News] January 17 news, It is understood that some consumers shopping in tmall supermarket have received a special express package recently. The box is recycled old. Although this kind of composite material can also obtain B1 level test report cartons, there is also a green sticker on it, saying: Thank you for your contribution to environmental protection, And "receive me, you have saved 8000g of water and wood for the earth together with tmall because it must have softness and soft touch"

it is understood that the above measures are the activities of sending goods in original containers, moving goods away from fixed fixtures and recycling cartons jointly promoted by rookies and tmall supermarket. Through "zero" new packaging, the use of packaging materials has been significantly reduced. The platform has delivered hundreds of millions of green low-carbon packages to consumers in one year. The head of rookie green action said that simple packaging and zero new packaging can not only reduce the consumption of packaging materials and reduce the pressure of environmental protection, but also reduce costs for businesses and logistics enterprises, making express packages greener and greener

in fact, rookies have always been quite active in promoting the green transformation of express delivery. As for 2018, in February, Cainiao jointly released the "China Green Logistics R & D funding plan" with major express companies such as Alibaba public welfare foundation, China Environmental Protection Foundation, Tiantian express and stone one Da, and said that in 2018, Cainiao green alliance public welfare fund will invest 10million to promote the upgrading of green packaging

then in May, Alibaba launched the "green logistics 2020 plan", with the participation of rookies, tmall and other core sectors of Alibaba. It is worth mentioning that the development research center of the State Post Office, Cainiao Luo and Cainiao Green Alliance announced in October last year that they would jointly establish a green innovation laboratory for China Express. During the double 11, rookies also launched the newly upgraded "box return plan" in more than 200 cities across the country

according to rookies, by the end of 2018, its "recycling plan" had set up about 5000 recycling stations in more than 200 cities across the country. In January this year, rookie also announced that after the opening of green technology on the platform, more than 500million packages have been optimized, which is equivalent to saving 115million postal No. 6 cartons and reducing carbon emissions by more than 15000 tons

at the same time, under the pressure of a huge amount of garbage in express packaging, other parties in society are also taking action. announced in April last year that the group plans to upgrade the logistics packaging research and testing center to an e-commerce logistics joint packaging innovation center, and invest hundreds of millions of funds in the next three years. At the same time, it will also work with P & G, Jiangnan University and grayscale technology to jointly study innovative technologies in the field of e-commerce logistics packaging. It is estimated that by 2020, 10billion disposable packaging cartons will be reduced

Suning logistics revealed that its green recycling products represented by "shared express box" have been put into operation for a total of 100million times in 2018. In addition, the group will vigorously carry out the "Qingcheng plan" and set up 5000 green packaging recycling stations in 2019. Wang Xiaogang, a researcher at Suning logistics equipment research office, also introduced that by 2020, the company will invest more than 2billion "drift boxes" in the market to share express boxes

in addition, relevant national policies are also being introduced intensively to guide the development of the industry. In November, 2018, the State Post Office and other 10 departments jointly issued the "guidance on jointly promoting green packaging in the express industry", which stated that we should improve the efficiency of resource utilization in the field of packaging in the express industry, reduce packaging consumption and reduce environmental pollution. By 2020, the application proportion of degradable green packaging materials will be increased to 50%, packaging materials with excessive heavy metals and other special substances will be basically eliminated, and a special express packaging recycling system will be basically established

as far as the green transformation of express delivery is concerned, it is undoubtedly a long-term battle, and the coordination and cooperation between the government and the society 56 sintered hollow brick and hollow block association is an essential prerequisite. It is hoped that with the gradual expansion of the team of green action, green logistics, which has been put on the agenda, can break through many obstacles as soon as possible and achieve real landing

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