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The current situation and development trend of China's automobile rubber air spring

through the rapid development of China's automobile industry in the past 10 years, the technical content, manufacturing level and output have been greatly improved. However, looking at the overall strength of China's automobile industry, we also know that there is still a large gap with developed countries. Compared with us, we are still affected by the whole vehicle production technology in cars, large buses Rubber air springs cannot be generally equipped on trucks

automotive rubber air springs use the elasticity of rubber and air pressure to obtain comprehensive shock absorption, shock absorption, shock isolation, anti-aging, and gradually eliminate all kinds of disadvantages in the circulation field, so as to play the role of elastic support for load-bearing. Rubber air springs are used as shock absorbers for automobiles, but during the service life of parts, only a small part of its fatigue load series often makes the material enter the plastic zone; Most load sequences only cause elastic deformation of materials, and the speed of elastic finite analysis makes it a fast core component. Its performance directly affects the comfort of cars and the damage to roads

domestic status quo

affected by the lack of independent intellectual property rights in China's automotive industry and imported models and bodies, there is still a certain gap between China's rubber air springs and the development of the world's automotive industry in terms of production technology, product performance, quality and market share. Most of the products remain at the level of the 1990s, especially in large luxury passenger cars There is still a big gap between large trucks and foreign developed countries

at present, China's rubber air springs mainly focus on the matching and application of railway trains and paper machines. The research on rubber air springs used in automobiles (especially luxury passenger cars and trucks) started late in China. According to the survey, the domestic enterprises that can produce automobile rubber air springs on a large scale include Guizhou Qianjin rubber factory and northwest rubber factory, while the latter can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission, which will affect the experimental results. Recently, Shaanxi Chenguang rubber factory is also under research and development. Although there are air spring manufacturers in China, their product types are relatively single (mainly including long pillow type, curved bag type and membrane type), the applicable size range is narrow (spring stroke is about 12 cm), and the product quality is poor compared with imported products (service life is about 3 million times). Therefore, their product promotion and application scope can only stay on medium and low-grade cars, and the added value is relatively low

the automobile industry in foreign countries is relatively developed compared with that in China, so the supporting production technology of its equipment and parts is also more advanced than that in China. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the popularity of air springs in cars with thin coiled carbon atoms in carbon nanotubes has reached more than 95%, although the "body shape" is small; Even in passenger cars and trucks, the popularity of rubber air springs was at least 5-8 years earlier than that in China. In foreign countries, the leading production technology of rubber air spring includes Germany contitch air spring factory and America Firestone air spring factory. Their products are superior to domestic products in terms of product types (including film type, gourd type, bag type and long pillow type), performance (the car body is stable, comfortable to ride, with shockproof and noise proof functions), scope of application (wide load range), and quality (service life of more than 3million times). Especially important is that they have international technical standards and have great advantages in intellectual property rights

at present, domestic air springs have not been widely popularized due to various reasons. According to statistics, the output of large and medium-sized passenger cars and buses in China in 2002 was 81900, and the output of large and medium-sized trucks was 416400. According to the equipment requirements, each large bus and truck needs to be equipped with at least 6 or 12 sets of air springs, and each medium-sized bus and truck also needs 4. According to 50% of the above automobile output equipped with air springs and an average of 8 sets per vehicle, there is a market of nearly 4million sets in the country; Each set of air spring has a market of about 8billion yuan calculated by the lowest domestic price of 2000 yuan; In addition, coupled with the maintenance market of air springs (according to statistics, the maintenance market is about 1/5 of the supporting market), there is a market of nearly 10billion yuan in China every year. According to market research, although a few domestic manufacturers (such as Guizhou Qianjin rubber factory and northwest rubber factory) are producing in these markets, their products are only limited to the maintenance market due to the influence of vehicle technology. At the same time, because their products are relatively single and their quality cannot be compared with imported products, they can only occupy a place in the middle and low-end product market; In the high-end and middle-end market, we still rely on imports (which cost more than a billion dollars of foreign exchange every year), and imported products account for almost more than 80% of the high-end and middle-end automobile supporting and maintenance market

development trend

rubber air springs are the inevitable trend of the development and matching of automotive equipment, especially in large buses and trucks. Traditional trucks generally use leaf springs or hydro pneumatic springs as shock absorption components, but with the current development of the world automotive industry in the direction of high speed, high performance, comfort, safety, reliability and convenient maintenance, leaf springs and hydro pneumatic springs have become increasingly unsuitable for their development. For example, in Europe, the penetration rate of rubber air springs has basically reached 70-80%, while China is in the early stage of development. It is expected that in the next 10 years, a large number of rubber air springs will be equipped on various vehicles, and the penetration rate will reach the modern European level

rubber air springs have been widely used in China's automotive industry. The annual output of automobiles in China is about 3.25 million, and the output of large and medium-sized passenger cars and trucks is less than 1/6 of the total output. Cars, light passenger cars and trucks account for about 2.75 million of the annual output. In particular, there is more room for the development of car air springs. If we add the annual output of automobiles in China increases year by year, its development market will be broader

with the continuous improvement and development of China's automobile industry, the breaking of imported models and bodies, the improvement of China's highway construction level and mileage, the introduction of highway protection laws and regulations, and the improvement of the comfort performance of buses and trucks used for long-distance transportation, China's rubber air springs will usher in the spring of independent development. Taking a comprehensive view of the development direction of the production technology of the world's automobile industry, the development direction of the production technology of rubber air spring will also be synchronized with it - towards the direction of strong shock absorption performance, long service life, safety and reliability. This development trend has also clearly indicated that the research and application of rubber air spring in the formulation of new materials and its vulcanization process must go out of tradition, implement innovation, and implement independent intellectual property rights


recently, the national development and Reform Commission has put forward a package of construction plans according to the current situation of the development of China's automotive industry, in order to improve the international level of China's automotive industry, and actively support and guide the construction of industrial innovation system and the development of innovative independent intellectual property rights. In the field of rubber air springs, entities that give priority to development will certainly get a certain opportunity to participate in market competition, and will also get rich returns in the market. (end)

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