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Bet on Socialized vertical e-commerce after e-commerce capital slimming down (I)

Dapu obtained the first million dollar investment from CDH venture capital. JD mall completed the round D financing of 700million dollars, and mobasha completed the round D financing of 55million dollars. Since January, e-commerce financing has been frequent. According to the news from Yibang power, 62 e-commerce financing cases occurred in the first quarter of 2013, and more than 10 e-commerce financing cases were publicly available according to the investment in China and other industry stations

obviously, e-commerce is still one of the hottest investment industries, and social e-commerce and food e-commerce have become the favored targets of this round of investment tide. For example, rice discount, pocket shopping and Qi Yin have all received investment, which are the new highlights at the beginning of this year

import guide continues to hold gold

at the beginning of this year, the e-commerce industry seems to have a warming trend. However, within the e-commerce industry, there are also new trends in financing, one of which is the popularity of social e-commerce

for example, the social e-commerce shopping guide company starting from the mobile terminal announced that it had completed the round B financing, and it had received a financing of US $12million in April last year; Meter discount at the shopping guide rebate station focusing on saving money, obtaining IDG's round a investment, etc

in essence, social e-commerce is an import-oriented shopping guide that promotes the purchase and sales of goods through social interaction through social platforms such as community, microblog and SNS. It is not only more accurate for user information screening, but also conducive to the accurate promotion of goods. In the past few years, the venture capital industry has always paid attention to social e-commerce. Meili Shuo, mushroom street, Douban, mama Shuo, huaban and other social e-commerce companies have all obtained low investment in experimental positions

this year's e-commerce environment is worth looking forward to, so that the e-commerce shopping guide entrance has a linkage effect. Tom, the investor who has just led a social shopping guide e-commerce case, told Nandu that e-commerce had entered a downturn due to excessive money burning. Investors tend to be rational. They are relatively conservative in ensuring that electronic experimental machines will not overload and damage commerce. However, this year seems to have a good start. In February, for example, JD's financing released a positive signal. In addition, all customers and domestic companies publicly announced that they would make profits this year, with a good momentum

in the e-commerce industry chain,, Fanke and other e-commerce companies, large and small, are gold miners. They advertise and promote. Their sales demand is expanding, but they are difficult to be self-sufficient. Then, around these needs, the business of selling water has naturally risen quietly, and the socialized shopping guide e-commerce is one of them. Tom said that the cost of obtaining new users for e-commerce stations is getting higher and higher. The portal stations and e-commerce marketing have become the upstream of an effective clue for e-commerce, which is undoubtedly the right direction

in the eyes of fujixun, a partner of Jiyuan capital, the reason for the popularity of social e-commerce is very simple. It is around the content and core to help users find the goods they need, which is valuable

there are two parts in the whole service chain of e-commerce, one for operation and the other for content. He told Nandu that the former has, Taobao, vipshop, etc., and strives for operational capabilities, from warehousing, logistics distribution to after-sales service; The latter refers to social e-commerce. Specifically, it is a community-based shopping guide. It provides its own content through users, or some users' UGC stations. The content itself is interactive, so that users can better find the products and services they need. The two pieces are different and both have value

shopping guide model provokes controversy

for social e-commerce, there has been a constant debate about whether its model can work since its birth. For example, Meili, the model of social e-commerce, and mushroom street, although some of their traffic is imported to other B2C stations, they still rely heavily on Taobao. Excessive reliance on Taobao has been criticized

in addition, at an internal meeting in May last year, Mayun MA (microblog) also clearly pointed out that it would not support the upstream shopping guide stations to continue to grow, nor would it support rebate stations, and it would be necessary to tighten the traffic entrance of Taobao

with the development of society, Taobao accounts for about 80% of the largest share in the e-commerce field. It is the most open data platform with the largest volume, so it is natural for the shopping guide platform to cooperate with it. Tom, the investor, said that now everyone is opening up partners other than Taobao, such as B2C mall. In his opinion, whether Taobao restricts shopping guide or not, it is of little significance, because the fact is that shopping guide rebate does improve purchasing power, and users' conversion rate is high, which is value. Just imagine that if there were no shopping guide platforms such as Meili Shuo and mushroom street, the conversion rate of user channel Taobao would not be so high

in the interview, Zhang Lianglun, the founder of mizhen, and Wang Ke, the CEO of pocket shopping, both introduced that they have connected with e-commerce platforms other than Taobao in order to minimize their dependence on it

in addition, there are voices of doubt about the profit model of social e-commerce, because the main source of income is the transaction rebate Commission of commodity shopping guide, and many people think that the rebate model is not long and can not be long

zhuxiaohu, partner of Jinshajiang venture capital, said that he was not optimistic about the rebate model


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