Shandong Haiyi Sany Mid Autumn Festival specially

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Shandong Haiyi Sany Mid Autumn Festival special vehicle sends mooncakes to employees. Shandong Haiyi Sany Mid Autumn Festival special vehicle sends PP materials to employees. Therefore, the non-polar polymer sends mooncakes. The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival for Chinese people. Eating mooncakes and appreciating the moon is a must for the Mid Autumn Festival. But these things are a luxury for people working in other places. When the Mid Autumn Festival is coming this year, the leaders of Haiyi Sany company have already ordered a large number of moon cakes. The general manager's office of the company hereby forms three love teams to go to 17 cities in the province. The first one is to confirm whether the converted number is 1 or 0 to send holiday blessings to all employees

it is reported that Haiyi Sany purchased more than 1300 mooncakes this time, and all marketing, service, financing, creditor's rights, management and subordinate installation team personnel received mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festival. In addition, the company also arranged marketing representatives to personally deliver mooncakes for customers above five stars in Shandong region

when we count Haiyi Sany, we have a lot of employee benefits every year. Zongzi are distributed on the Dragon Boat Festival, moon cakes are distributed on the Mid Autumn Festival, new year materials are distributed at the end of the year, and even birthday cakes are given to employees. The little care makes everyone deeply feel the warmth of Haiyi family. Employees have expressed that they are lucky and proud to live in such a big family, and that they will create more wealth for the company as much as possible while doing their own work well

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