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Shandong heavy industry group has made remarkable achievements in the introduction of overseas high-level talents, including 2 experts of the national thousand talents plan and 8 overseas distinguished experts of Taishan Scholars. First, on the premise of international development strategy, we should open up the vision of talent recruitment. The group was established in 2009

Shandong heavy industry group has made remarkable achievements in introducing overseas high-level talents. Now it has introduced 65 overseas high-level talents, including 2 experts of the national "thousand talents plan" and 8 overseas distinguished experts of Taishan Scholars

first, based on the international development strategy, we should open up the vision of recruiting talents. After the establishment of the group in 2009, it has defined the strategic positioning of "international heavy industry" and the talent strategy of "globalization of vision and internationalization of talents". Aiming at the forefront of the industry, specialized and regular recruitment will be carried out for the world's top three enterprise headquarters, R & D centers and other talent gathering places. In November, 2009, five new energy automobile cooling water pipe recruitment meetings were held in the United States, and 12 high-end talents with work experience in the world's top 500 enterprises were introduced at one time. 11 year supporting test: in December, the drop hammer impact experiment held a job fair in Detroit, the United States, which attracted talents from different ethnic groups. Of the 32 people interviewed, 26 expressed their intention to sign the contract. At present, 12 people have entered the signing process

second, build a professional recruitment team and introduce talents in line with international standards. Strict international and professional standards. It is required that members of the overseas recruitment team must be able to communicate with candidates in familiar foreign languages, have overseas experience, understand international practices and cultural customs of relevant countries, and be familiar with relevant majors. Implement professional publicity planning. Regularly collect and sort out the information of urgently needed and scarce talents, select local recruitment consultants according to the targeted market, and invite professional companies to do it from recruitment theme, recruitment concept to recruitment poster design, so as to strengthen the publicity of the employer's brand. Embody the people-oriented concept. Starting from the details, let the recruiters know clearly about the status of the enterprise, the career platform and the interviewer, and strive to win the trust and respect of the candidates with a frank mind, international thinking and professional level

the third is to introduce open thinking and expand diversified talent introduction channels. Give full play to its own advantages and realize the team introduction of overseas high-level talents through transnational concurrent purchase. In the past 10 years, Shandong heavy industry acquired the hundred year old French boduan engine manufacturing company, employing 26 local high-end talents. Persist in searching talents with open thinking and professional methods. The group has established overseas recruitment management system (catsone) and overseas background investigation system (verification Inc) since 10 years, and has established an overseas talent demand information base. In depth study the rules and practices of talent recruitment in the target countries, and use various overseas resources to obtain talents in multiple directions and channels. Give full play to the role of existing overseas talents, make use of overseas branches, widely contact overseas Chinese associations and Chinese media, and collect talent information. At the same time, it has established cooperative relations with headhunters in the United States and Japan, and made full use of foreign professional recruitment and social networking sites to collect information, so as to broaden the channels of talent recruitment, make the effect more prominent, and make the cost more economical

fourth, build a high-end career platform to provide broad development space for talents. We will continue to retain people for our undertakings and employ talents regardless of their style. Qian Cheng and other five high-end talents introduced were employed as business director and chief scientist respectively; The Canadian Chinese master's couple settled down in Weichai, and the enterprise used them according to their talents. They specially set up the engine electronic control research institute, and he served as the director of the Institute. Adhere to the combination of rigid introduction and flexibility, not for all, but for use. At the beginning of 2009, Weichai group hired four experts including Mr. Frank McDonald, former senior president of Cummins, to implement the wos (Weichai operation system) project, systematically improved the group's manufacturing, logistics and quality, initially formed an operation system that is in line with international standards and has its own characteristics, and cultivated more than 1300 business backbones. Establish R & D institutions in areas where overseas talents are concentrated. It has jointly established a European R & D center with Austrian AVL company, introduced 13 local high-end talents, and independently developed national III, National IV and national V engines

fifth, it gathers overseas talent groups, which is the continuous release of the guide line that can not directly plug in and out the load sensor to attract talents. Demonstration drive and talent introduction. Make use of the existing overseas talents' network resources to contact talents in multiple ways, and let them directly participate in the recruitment of talents to speak for themselves. Make good use of policies and give special care. Actively apply for the national "thousand talents plan" for overseas talents and Taishan Scholars' overseas distinguished experts. Humanistic care, gathering and retaining talents. Act according to the market rules, and implement target salary and agreed salary for the introduced talents. We will vigorously create a cultural environment suitable for the entrepreneurial development of international talents, provide housing and settling in expenses for overseas talents who have served enterprises for a long time, and solve the problem of children's education. We will implement enterprise annuity, supplementary medical insurance, and comprehensively implement the talent health plan, so that talents can have a sense of belonging and become voluntary propagandists, recruiters and intermediaries for enterprises to attract talents, so as to attract and gather talents with talents

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