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The environment affects people all the time. A good environment can bring people happy spirit and vitality, especially in work. A good working environment can bring the work effectiveness of employees. Then the decoration Feng Shui of the office can not be ignored. What is involved in the decoration Feng Shui of the office

Feng Shui in office decoration

feng shui master explains Feng Shui taboos in office decoration

first, there is support behind the back, and there is support for promotion

the first thing to do is to have support behind the desk. If there is an aisle behind, the office will be more unstable and restless. The back can be a wall, or it can be equipped with a table or a low cabinet

second, the front is open and promising

the front of the desk should be open and not narrow. If you face the wall, your future will be blocked by the wall, and your luck will not unfold

third, there is no aisle on the front side, and there is no obstacle to promotion.

the front and side of the desk can't be an aisle, and it rushes like a road rush. Just like the outdoor road rush, such indoor road rush will also have a bad impact

fourth, the front is not right, and there is no mistake in doing things.

there is a pillar on the front of the seat, which is like being slapped in the face. It is bound to make a big mistake in career, and it is also easy to have headaches in general

V. It is too close to the door

the seat is placed by the door, and the office efficiency is poor. In the office, the higher the position, the farther away from the door. The staff is also the same, according to the position level, make a considerable configuration

VI. flush the door and road. It is suitable to set screens and low cabinets.

rush the desk to the door or road, which will affect your health and be prone to accidental disasters. There are great obstacles to work and promotion

VII. Press the beam on the top

pay special attention if the desk is just under the beam. Easy to be restless, dizzy and make mistakes. If you press your head, move the table forward and avoid it

VIII. The seat shall be cut at every corner

the seat shall not be cut by the asymmetric aisle and seat. If you work in this place, it will be more difficult. Friction and misunderstanding will occur in the relationship between colleagues

IX. the boss' vault and seats should be hidden

in places with cash income every day, it is better to place the vault in a hidden place, which is less easy to lose money, and it is better to close to the back of your seat

X. The boss' desk is larger than the worker

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. The next page is generally the boss' desk is larger than the worker, so it is correct. If it is not big enough, place several cabinets next to it to increase momentum. Only in this way can we successfully command employees. (Feng Shui)

22 graphic office feng shui layout methods

1. It is easy to lose money to set a faucet next to the boss's seat

for convenience, the game boss or the competent unit will install a wash table behind the seat or on the wall near the desk. However, this is extremely bad and will cause serious loss of money

2. The supervisor's desk should be placed in the auspicious position

in principle, the best position for the desk is on the right side of the door where ziah enters. After sitting down, the door of the room is next to the person's left hand, which is a roughly good position

3. It is difficult to develop the business without windows in the office

the office is the location of major decision makers, and the pipeline and air must be sufficient. If it is a completely enclosed space, there is no window except the door, which is not good for financial luck and future development

4. The top of the beam affects health and mood

the desk also taboo [measuring the falling of the top]. If it is unavoidable, it should also be blocked by installing a ceiling. Of course, it is also forbidden to fall on the head or desk of the business host or supervisor, otherwise the business operation will inevitably suffer a lot, which will affect the health of the body and the mental state of work

5. Behind the person in charge of finance, there must be a host of any business, the supervisor of the unit, and even behind the seats of accountants and cashiers who often deal with money. There must be a solid wall to copy. At the same time, it is also forbidden to leave walkways for people to walk behind. Otherwise, the grand view will inevitably fall, and disputes will arise day by day

6. The road rush inside the house is equally harmful

in addition to the [road rush] in the environment, we should also pay attention to the internal [road rush], as shown in the above figure, which is the internal [road rush], also known as [one arrow pierces the heart], and we must avoid it

7. Natural light is the best light in the office.

the best light source in the office is the natural light of the window. If it is a space that is also very dark in the daytime, although artificial light can supplement the problem of insufficient light, due to the different wavelengths of artificial light sources and natural light sources, it will have different effects on major decision makers

8. Color related industries should adopt natural light

for the advertising, design, dyeing and finishing or painting workspace that needs to often determine or remove color, although a part of the interference can be avoided in the closed space, the artificial light source is easy to cause our wrong judgment and deviation of color, so it is necessary to avoid it

9. The light cannot come from the back

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1 123456. The light on the desk on the next page should preferably come from the front left or the top front, and neither natural light source nor artificial light source should come from the back of the seat

10. The big taboo for operators is that there is no back.

transparent glass curtain construction is a popular trend. However, as the host of a business or the executor of major decisions, the seat must not be back to the glass. In this [back-to-back] situation, the big taboo of water operators will inevitably damage financial luck and career development

11. Sharp corners shoot into the window and cause many disadvantages.

for offices near the window, pay attention to the sharp corners shot into other houses within 10 meters outside the window. The farther the sharp corners are, the smaller the impact is, and the closer the distance is, the greater the impact is

12. One arrow pierces the heart. It's hard to do it.

the seating arrangement of the office must also take some thought. The above figure is [one arrow pierces the heart], which is bound to be detrimental to the person who is attacked. If the person who is attacked is the boss or the supervisor of the unit, it will affect the overall fortunes of the whole company or the changed department

13. Wealth should not be messy, dirty and leaking

fish tanks can be placed on the wealth position in the office, but remember that the roof leaks, the walls and floors are broken, and fake flowers, sundries, waste, etc. cannot be placed on the wealth position

14. Small and elegant is better than large and empty

any room would rather be small and elegant than large and empty. In order to show off their wealth, some upstart bosses usually have only one desk and one sofa in a luxury office with an area of 50 or 60 square meters, which often gives people the impression of a "lone king", which greatly hinders the development of their career. They must be careful and pay attention

15. It's not good to have a sink next to the cashier counter

for convenience, some diners often equip a faucet and a sink under the counter at the entrance. It's qualified to say that this is a taboo of money leakage. In particular, it's impossible to connect the counter with cash in and out to the same counter with a faucet, and of course, it's more taboo to be close to the faucet

16. Don't set up screens at the entrance of the office.

some companies have fixed screens at the entrance. However, if the general small enterprises can't afford the salary of the receptionists, it's not suitable to draw gourds according to the same pattern, otherwise they are suspicious of external development. For the sake of concealment, it's advisable to use flower trellis screens, or use semi dwarf evergreen plants as screens, but remember to use artificial flowers

17. Office door-to-door multi tongue disputes

several adjacent offices, the most taboo is that the door is opposite to the door, otherwise it is easy to cause the company's employees' tongue disputes, which will affect the work efficiency

there are 6 pages in total, page 1 123456 next page 18. Desks face the toilet, and their luck is declining

generally speaking, all desks should avoid facing the door of the toilet, and the business host or unit supervisor should avoid it, otherwise they will be affected by the bad rays of excreta for a long time, and their wealth and career will decline

19. The position of the person in charge of Finance facing the door will be unfavorable.

the chair of the business, the supervisor of the unit, and the seats of accountants and cashiers who often have money in and out should not be directly facing the door, otherwise they will make a rush, which will not only be very bad in business, but also have a bad impact on their physical condition

20. Disclosure of the Treasury is not safe and will leak money

if there is a safe for money and valuables in the office, it must not be [revealed], so it is better to be secret. In addition to considering security concerns, it can also avoid the leakage of money caused by [revealed]

21. The position of wealth is regulated and cannot be placed at will.

the principle of [position of wealth] in the office is that it is on the opposite corner of the door, but this is only the simplest general judgment. The real position of wealth should be determined by the birthday of the boss or the top executive of this office. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious about the determination of position of wealth

22. Metal desk is easy to disturb the magnetic field

because the desk made of metal material is easier to conduct electricity and induce the magnetic field than other materials, it will cause a lot of adverse interference, which is easy to cause adverse effects on the decision-makers of the cause and the directors of the unit

Feng Shui instructions for office decoration

the problem of Feng Shui greening in office decoration. In ordinary work, if green plants appear in front of your eyes, it will virtually eliminate fatigue and give your eyes a rest. This is one of the reasons why green plants are increasingly common in so many offices. In office feng Shui, it is said that green plants bring benefits to space, At the same time, it also promotes the service industry of flower leasing

1.8-meter fashionable desk 2-person supervisor table 2A combination multicolor

it is also very important in the design of Feng Shui general manager's office for office decoration. Many people will design the general manager's office very luxurious, but they do not pay attention to some Feng Shui problems when placing it. The placement of financial positions in office feng shui is very good for career, which has the effect of icing on the cake. It is infeasible that wealth cannot be directly opposite the back door or the front door to the corner

office decoration in Feng Shui layout Feng Shui Encyclopedia

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1: 123456 next page 1. The desk cannot be placed casually. It should be based on your birthday. If you are lucky to the East, your seat will face east, lucky to the west, and your seat sentence will be West

2. The office should not be too big or too small. If the area is too large, it appears empty and does not gather gas. If the office is too small, it is inconvenient for hands and feet, and the development of business is blocked; The table leaned against the window, and the prosperous Qi was absorbed and dispersed, which affected the boss's thinking. People calculated to lose money if they made a mistake in business. If their position was damaged, their wealth would be destroyed

3. The height of the office window is also important for Feng Shui layout. If the back window of the office is small and high, two meters away from the ground, and the indoor wealth is dim, such a high office window is like a lawsuit cell, because the cell windows are very high. In this case, of course, it is the best policy to move out of this room for office

4. The layout of the office should be simple and generous, and it is best not to place fake flowers, trees and rockeries, which will appear lifeless and affect the popularity

5. Don't put people on the door at the boss's desk. Avoid leaning against the door and window behind. The table opposite the door will be directly impacted by the aura at the door, which will affect the working mood and cause anxiety at the same time. The back door and back window are unfavorable to businessmen. The wind often blows on people's back, and they will feel all day long




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