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Due to the lack of brand awareness in most prefecture level shopping malls, the brand value cannot be expressed. New door and window companies entering prefecture level shopping malls may also fall behind because they are not familiar with the local environment and mechanically copy the original brand implementation form. Guanhao doors and windows editor believes that although the potential of prefecture level shopping malls is endless, even brand door and window companies are not indomitable, and it still needs to be steady to balance the links between manufacturers

manufacturer loyalty

prefecture level dealers are also the "partners" of manufacturers, so loyalty is the pillar of brand manufacturers' long-term development. Upstream manufacturers should pay attention to cultivating cooperation with local dealers and gradually form a certain degree of loyalty, which is crucial to the development of brands in local cities

sort out the supply chain

as a distributor in the central city of the provincial capital, the upstream company has a short supply chain, relatively high logistics efficiency, and relatively simple inventory questions. In the local market, the competition between manufacturers is the cost and circulation speed. Brand companies need to work hard to gradually improve how to deliver their own door and window goods to local dealers with the lowest cost in the shortest time and how to reduce inventory

balance the profit space

brand companies usually agree with the national price, but if there is no price difference between the local market and the first-line market, it means that the profit space of the local market is small. While the dealers in shopping malls in first tier cities can achieve certain profits through distribution volume under the condition of low profit rate. Door and window companies need to make adjustments in the regulation of channel interests and the division of channel functions in order to make a difference in local shopping malls

recognition of concept and civilization

the recognition of the company's business philosophy and brand civilization has become the primary condition for choosing partners. Relying on the guidance of the company's civilization to compete for popularity and reputation in prefecture level malls is undoubtedly the biggest advantage for door and window companies to be different from competitors and obtain terminal consumers





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