How to choose aluminum clad wood doors and windows

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1. Look at the appearance:

don't look at places with large planes. We need to look for small places, such as edges and corners, window closure, window locks, and so on. A good enterprise will pay attention to details, so the products produced will not have any defects, even in places that are invisible at first sight

2. Investigate wood:

look at the grain and hardness of wood, as well as the beauty of treated wood. Pure solid wood will have natural grain. Each kind of wood has its own unique grain, and solid wood has its own unique taste. No kind is the same

3. Look at aluminum alloy:

first, look at the thickness to see whether it is qualified, and whether it is the standard used for making doors and windows. The international standard of aluminum alloy for making windows is 0.12. Just reach this standard, or it may be higher than this standard. If it is lower than this standard, it will be unqualified products. Then look at the gloss and roughness of aluminum alloy. It is best to find the leftover material for making this window, break it with your hands, and see the texture, Good aluminum alloy is hard, durable and not easy to damage

aluminum clad wood doors and windows

the above is a brief introduction of how to buy aluminum clad wood doors and windows and how to buy aluminum clad wood doors and windows. I hope it will help us. If you want to know more about doors and windows, please pay attention to Guanhao doors and windows quickly




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