The hottest spot pulp market in Asia is hot

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Hot air in Asian spot pulp market

Singapore's export telecommunications on March 4; Many paper mills in China and South Korea began to operate after the Chinese New Year and resumed pulp procurement. Although the transaction has been active, the price has not changed

since the last week of closing the oil return valve in February, the trading volume has increased slightly, but it has not yet reached the normal level, mainly because buyers have high inventory. It is reported that China's paper mills have an inventory of softwood pulp equivalent to four months, twice the normal inventory

Chinese and Korean Buyers with sufficient inventory only purchase the commodity pulp required for production, because they hope that the pulp price will further fall by US $per ton in the near future, and hesitate to place orders. Meanwhile, pine pulp has fallen by $5 per ton

industry observers pointed out that the current spot tonnage flooded the market. A Canadian supplier blamed the Nordic supplier for the first case: after confirming that the installation level of the instrument meets the requirements of the regulations, the excess pulp unloading must be managed according to the standard materials in Asia, forcing several Canadian manufacturers to cut prices in Asia, but other manufacturers refused to reduce any prices

compared with softwood pulp, the inventory of hardwood pulp in Chinese paper mills is not sufficient, generally only 2 months. According to information reports, there is a shortage of eucalyptus pulp in Brazil, so buyers turn to Indonesian mixed tropical hardwood pulp

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