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Axletree group and British company set up a joint laboratory

axletree group and British company set up a joint laboratory

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recently, axletree group and British Taylor Hopson company jointly signed a cooperation agreement on "axletree Taylor joint laboratory". The two sides will cooperate to build a research and development platform and jointly promote the progress of bearing testing technology. Bearing group is a leading enterprise in China's bearing industry. British Taylor Hopson company is second to none in the field of bearing testing, and has participated in the formulation of a number of international bearing testing standards. The two sides will further deepen cooperation and improve the testing level of bearing products with advanced testing technology and equipment

under the new situation of overcapacity and intense market competition in the bearing industry, Wazhou group seized the dual strategic opportunity of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China and the development and opening up of the goods catalogue under export license management published by the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs of Liaoning Province in 2015, aimed at the development direction of national industrial policies, vigorously promoted enterprise reform and structural adjustment, and accelerated independent innovation New quality and technological progress of electrical equipment, comprehensively improve the innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises, and develop a number of high-tech, high-precision, high reliability and high value-added products in the field of major technical equipment. This is extremely beneficial to ensuring the stability of process conditions and improving the accuracy of products. At the same time, the bearing group has accelerated the construction of a technological innovation system with the "national large bearing engineering and technology research center" as the main body and the European R & D center and the American Engineering and technology center of the bearing as the support, initially forming a domestic and foreign interactive R & D system, and promoting the breakthrough of high-end bearing R & D can be roughly summarized as two points: progress, Drive the development of China's bearing industry

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Wazhou group will focus on developing medium and high-end products around the commanding height strategy and internationalization strategy. Testing is the key to the research and development of high-end products. Wazhou group will increase the investment in testing to provide good technical support for the development of medium and high-end products

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