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Time assurance Shaanxi Xuande lightweight dump truck shows the king style

time assurance Shaanxi Xuande lightweight dump truck shows the king style

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be a conscientious car guided by customer needs. Shaanxi commercial vehicles have been deeply involved in the field of lightweight dump trucks since 2012, with vehicle weight and fuel consumption constantly hitting new lows in the industry, and vehicle quality constantly climbing peaks

Shaanxi Automobile Xuande lightweight dump king style

since September 21, gb1589 and the national new overload control policy have been implemented nationwide. New standards, new challenges, load adjustment, and the freight market under high pressure seem to make drivers at a loss. This paper challenging Erb and his team was published in nature communications on October 23, issue 1. If opportunities coexist, the number of carbon fiber layers required can be reduced. Major manufacturers have risen up one after another, "fight chicken blood, eat venison, lose weight, lose weight, and then lose weight". Therefore, all kinds of lightweight and lightest weight have been born, and each one is like Nezha who has been pregnant for three years, and dares to swish forward at the touch of the ground, Call yourself the gospel of users. How about the real situation? Put a question mark here first

today, let's talk about the topic of "light weight" of dump trucks. Under the previous call of "Dora run", production enterprises generally pay most attention to load-bearing, and the more they can do, the better. Then there will be a "king of 100 tons" in a certain place, but the hidden danger is "short-lived roads", frequent safety accidents, which are harmful to people and not self-interest. In some regions, such as Henan, Anhui, Hebei, Sichuan and other regions with developed transportation industry, strict control of over limit has been carried out as early as 2012. In order to avoid the "flames of war" in the heavy-duty market, Shaan automobile commercial vehicle has started the research and in-depth exploration of lightweight dump trucks since 2012

in 2013, when the industry's average self weight exceeded 13 tons, Shaan automobile commercial vehicle was the first to launch 11.5 tons of lightweight 8 in the industry × 4 dump truck type. "Light weight, solid workmanship and durable leather" made Xuande popular in Henan, Hebei and Sichuan, with sales of more than 5000 vehicles at one time. In the face of the achievements, the low-key commercial vehicles of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. are not arrogant and impetuous, and continue to deeply tap the user needs of the lightweight dump market. In the past four years, the vehicle weight has not only kept breaking records, but also made breakthroughs in vehicle quality and fuel consumption. At present, the dead weight of the vehicle has reached 10.5 tons, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is relatively light. The same is true of the new material industry. The average level of the industry is still 5 liters lower. The voice of customers can tell everything. In the market research in September, users in Henan, Hebei and Sichuan generally reported that Xuande dump truck has light weight and low fuel consumption

here, Shaan automobile commercial vehicle makes a voice to its peers from the bottom of their hearts, never lose weight in order to lose weight. Guided by the interests of users, Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. pays attention to the whole process of customer operation and the whole life cycle of products, reduces weight through science and technology, makes cars with conscience, reduces what can be reduced, and resolutely does not reduce what cannot be reduced

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