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Wazhou group is committed to building a team of high-quality technicians

recently, the Ministry of human resources and Social Security announced the list of personnel who enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council in 2016. Wu Wei, a lathe worker and senior technician of the railway bearing division of Wazhou group, was approved to enjoy the special allowance of the State Council

up to now, five workers of Wazhou group have won this honor: CNC of industrial equipment bearing division the following is an introduction to the experimental methods of impact testing machine: Electrician Zhong Shuanghong enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council in 2008, heat treatment electrician Li Shuqian of bearing accessories company enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council in 2010, and electrician sun Shengtong of Automotive Bearing Division enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council in 2012, Li Changsheng, an electrician from the railway bearing division, enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council in 2014. Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, select once every two years for five consecutive times, and there are tile workers every time

since 1990, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have decided to grant special government subsidies to experts, scholars and technicians who have made outstanding contributions to the country. The recipients are called experts who enjoy the special subsidies of the State Council. The selection objects include professional and technical talents and high skilled talents. Generally, they should have senior professional titles, make outstanding performance contributions in the production and scientific research front line, and be recognized by experts in the region and the system

Wu Wei has worked as a lathe worker for 31 years, and has successively completed more than 70 lathe process, cutting tool and machine tool tooling design projects. Among them, the project of "machining process of tapered roller bearing inner ring" which has obtained the national invention patent is currently being used in the production of railway freight car bearings of the company. Li Changsheng is a national technical expert. He has successively participated in the development of automatic bearing fine grinding production line and automatic bearing assembly line in cooperation with international well-known machine tool enterprises. He has undertaken more than 10 technical research topics, such as the transformation of equipment control system and the linkage with the beat, and has realized the full-automatic grinding, inspection and assembly of railway bearings

Zhong Shuanghong, Li Shuqian and sun Shengtong are all national model workers, and are currently committed to training a team of skilled workers for tile shafts. Zhong Shuanghong's national skill master studio, Li Shuqian's national skill master studio and sun Shengtong's national skill master studio are frequently highlighted in the construction of high skilled talent teams and technological innovation. The three studios have a total of more than 30 members, and each studio leader and apprentice are facing the whole group. When the experimental force is applied to more than 13kn, a loud noise is heard from the group company, and it is constantly updated. In addition, while undertaking the maintenance tasks of the company's CNC equipment and overcoming difficulties around the main line of innovation, the three studios also went deep into the field for special training in combination with the product characteristics of each unit

the bearing group has always adhered to talent orientation, fully implemented the talent construction project, vigorously created an atmosphere of "respecting talents, knowledge, labor and creation", and focused on cultivating "bearing artisans" who are proficient in bearing design, R & D and manufacturing technology. Since 2016, the company has sent another 30 excellent employees to Germany and Japan for further training; Build 3 national, 2 provincial and 1 municipal "skill master studios" to cultivate high skilled talents; Adhere to the "skill based, innovative and learning" organization creation activities, hold more than 400 training courses of various types every year, and train more than 20000 people; We have implemented the parallel training of professional and technical titles and skill levels, and become the first enterprise in Dalian to carry out the parallel training of "double qualification certificates". In 2016 alone, 18 people from Wazhou group won national, provincial and municipal awards

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