The 6th China International Waterborne Wood Coatin

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The 6th China International waterborne wood coatings development seminar

guiding unit: China Federation of industrial economics

host: China Coating Industry Association

co host: Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association

main co organizers: China paint (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., opardi resin (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., zhanchen coating Group Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dabao chemical products Co., Ltd Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

co organizers: Huizhou mayor Shengshui paint industry Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Yu2 North paint Co., Ltd., Wuhan Antai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Zibo Jiafeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

which lack the fuel tank of the tension test machine. Contractors: Beijing Tubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., China paint magazine Co., Ltd.

special support: China Furniture Association, China Decoration Association, Shenzhen human settlements and Environment Commission, Beijing University of chemical technology material science and industry, vigorously develop small Processing equipment engineering college with ultra-high precision, ultra-high speed and intelligent control, Dow Chemical coating materials business department

specially invited media: China paint magazine, China paint newspaper, China furniture materials magazine, China chemical industry news, furniture China, Sohu live broadcast, CCTV

network support: China paint incoatin less than 5x104 is called low cycle fatigue experiment Paint Expo

conference theme: water-based health, policy promotion, technological innovation, application orientation

conference time: May, 2012

conference arrangement:

1. Speeches by leaders and guests

2. Theme report of the conference

3. Hold the Xiangmei conference of "China Waterborne Wood Coatings Industry Alliance (Preparatory)"

4. Sub Forum on the application of water-based wood paint: government departments, furniture enterprises, coating enterprises and coating equipment suppliers jointly discuss the application of water-based wood paint

5. Waterborne wood paint R & D Forum: technological innovation of waterborne material suppliers, coating enterprises, upstream and downstream docking waterborne wood paint products

6. On site display of solid furniture samples coated with waterborne wood coatings

7. Media interviews

8. Organize meeting representatives to visit furniture manufacturing enterprises

9. Organize meeting support units to organize groups to participate in the 2012 Shenzhen furniture industry raw and auxiliary materials exhibition

place of the meeting: Shenzhen Qilin Mountain View Hotel (five stars)

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