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Shaanxi construction machinery: workshop 6S management makes the production site a big change

Shaanxi construction machinery: workshop 6S management makes the production site a big change

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now, when you walk into the machining workshop of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., you can't help but see a light in front of you, the ground is clean, the lathe is shiny, the materials and tools are placed neatly, and the debris on the site is disappeared. How did the environment here change so much? This also starts from the 6S management activities carried out in the workshop since this year

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this year, the machining workshop actively responded to the 6S management requirements and formulated a detailed plan in combination with the actual situation. First of all, efforts should be made to enhance the 6S awareness of all employees and vigorously publicize the content, objectives and significance of 6S management in the workshop. At the daily pre shift meeting, the workshop director should emphasize the importance of 6S management and praise the outstanding deeds of promotion in the implementation of 6S management. In combination with the promotion of 6S management of the team, the team leader urges the staff of the team to gradually change their bad working habits in terms of on-site environmental cleaning, materials, tool placement and other issues, and gradually form a good atmosphere of joint management and full participation

at present, the clean-up and rectification work of teams and groups with significant voice on all platforms in the workshop has been carried out in succession. Everyone has adopted the simple and convenient line preparation process of 6S management as the criterion throughout the whole process of production. During the operation, employees have established the awareness of 6S standard behavior, and reversed the bad habits of littering and not cleaning the environment in time. In addition, a general cleaning is carried out every Friday afternoon, focusing on cleaning up the oil dirt on the equipment and the ground, sorting out the on-site operation environment, cleaning up irrelevant supplies, and placing the on-site items neatly. At the same time, when the team clearly requires the staff to take over the shift, it is firmly not allowed to take over the shift if the equipment and site cleaning of the previous shift are not in place. We conducted mutual restraint and supervision to ensure the long-term maintenance of the renovated work site and achieved the 6S management goal

looking at today's bright and brand-new working environment, employees have said that working in such an environment, the mood is not good, and personal safety is more guaranteed. The "sponge" instantly produces a horizontal or vertical displacement barrier

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