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In 2014, the Sixth China International Symposium on the application of biopolymer materials

"the Sixth China International Symposium on the application of biopolymer materials" was renamed from the "Fifth China International Symposium on the application of bioplastics", covering bioplastics, bio rubber, bio fiber, bio coatings, bio adhesives, bio machinery, biological testing, etc. Since its inception, the symposium has been closely focused on the annual hot issues of biomaterials and the sharing of the latest technological achievements, and has attracted the attention of the industry. As a symposium with international influence, "biopolymer Application Symposium" has formed its brand and characteristics, and its appeal and influence are constantly expanding. Now the relevant matters of this symposium are predicted as follows:

first, the venue and time of the conference: April, 2014, Shanghai, China

the viewing banquet hall on the 31st floor of PetroChina Sunshine Hotel (five stars) in Shanghai

address: Dongfang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai internal combustion engine oil can also diffuse dust and all kinds of sediment No. 969

Second, the conference content: I believe that professionals know the latest policies, latest development status and trends of polymer materials Exchange of the latest R & D technology

III. participants to be invited: about 120 people from government leaders, industry experts, raw material enterprises, product enterprises and related enterprises

IV. conference cost: 2000 yuan/person, including meals, venue fees, expert fees, information fees, etc., excluding accommodation costs. Those who pay the conference fee before March 31 will enjoy a discount of 1500 yuan/person

v. contact information of the sponsor:

Yang Lishuang of Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association:

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